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Now You Too Can Use The Secrets Of Sticks, Torches, Magazines, Keys And More To Protect Yourself And WIN On The Streets…Even If You Are A WEAKLING With Creaky Bones!

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Dear Reader,

This letter will be brief and to the point.

Let me start by being BLUNT…

Most of the martial arts ‘information’ (and I use that term very loosely indeed) about really fighting to win on the street with STICKS is practically useless.

You’ll notice I said fighting with ‘STICKS’…but the same applies across the board. Today, though, I want to complain about STICKS in particular!

You see, here at NAP, we’ve noticed that most of the information on stick-fighting and protection using sticks (for the street) is the ‘same old, same old’ kind of material that was first dreamt up years ago…back in a time when they still used sticks for WARMING UP LUNCH!

In short, most of the stick-fighting information we’ve seen out there today is put together by 1) Pretenders 2) People that have never used sticks in a real-world, self-defence situation (pretty much the same as point 1. above) or 3) People that are teaching obsolete material – material developed hundreds of years ago!

And that’s very sad – why?

Because, now, more than ever before – you NEED to know how to use ‘sticks’ on the street . That drugged-up yob and his ‘chav’ mates…believe me, they won’t think TWICE about using a weapon against you nowadays. In fact, that’s what these chickens actually prefer…they’d rather ‘take you out’ and mince you into hamburger by using a STICK… than they would their fists.

Simple reason why…they are COWARDS. They will use every available and conceivable advantage to get one over you. Stick. Bottle. Anything that gives them an unfair advantage.

Worse news… the sheer number of ARMED attacks out there today is sickening. You probably already know this, may have even experienced it. Fact is, the ‘stats’ say that some 44% of armed encounters now involve a blunt object (often a stick) of some kind. Yet few people know anything about defending or USING sticks in the modern-day arena.

Now, the good news : IF you learn how to use sticks correctly on the streets…then it will give you a serious advantage. Why? Think about it. You really don’t have to be strong if you can do this…you really don’t have to even be that skilled… you can be young or old – weakling or coward, and you can STILL use a stick to defend against almost anyone on the street!

And it won’t matter how big or ‘hard’ he is!

Bottom-line: it’s time to turn the tables on the mongrels out there by cornering some serious stick-fighting secrets for yourself…and it’s why I’m writing to you today.

Let me introduce you to Richard Cotterill

Richard is the guy that the UK’s TOP martial artists turn to when they want to know how to REALLY use sticks on the streets – in today’s more modern (and dirtier) street environment.

And that’s what makes him unique.

This guy has perfected his skills in the REAL-WORLD and he’s praised by some of the UK’s very best guys (for example…just check out what the legendary guru Russell Stutely says about Richard on the enclosed sheet!). Richard has trained guys in the AIR-FORCE with this material. He is the real deal. No question about that.

That’s why we were so eager to get Richard on DVD. See, we’ve realised that there’s a whole new ball game out there on the streets today…it’s a NEW playing-field. The new ‘street game’ is the arena where sticks are becoming increasingly common. And we realised that knowing how to use a stick will give you a MASSIVE advantage in this NEW arena. Quick example: you can seriously increase your odds, against multiple attackers on the street if you’re using and well-versed in stick fighting methods. And that’s just one example.

Best of all (and here’s the best part), you can USE this even if you’re totally out-of-shape and physically weak. Anyone can use this in fact. See, it’s so SIMPLE to use a stick to your own advantage – and it can be so effective – so you simply MUST learn this material.

Particularly Richard’s.

So here’s where we are at…we wanted Richard on DVD (we knew he was the real thing)…and so we locked ourselves away for a full day…and got all his best secrets. The stuff that will allow you to not only defend yourself from stick-attacks…but will ALSO allow and give you a serious unfair advantage on the streets because of your new-found ability to use sticks for the street.

There’s more… 

We didn’t just get Richard to look at stick fighting secrets either. You see, once you learn these secrets, you can apply them ACROSS the board – to items like torches (ideal for the military/police)…even to things like keys (which everyone carries on the street)…even to magazines! So this is hugely practical material. Anyone can pick up and use this, because the ‘stick’ is actual universal – you can use these techniques with loads of things to give yourself an unfair advantage on the street.

Anyway, here’s a sample of what was covered on the day:

  • Secrets of being ‘ready’ to fight with a stick– you need to know exactly how to hold and be prepared and ready to strike with any stick-like weapon. Here’s how.
  • How to use a stick during close combat (you’ll learn the easiest striking techniques you’ve ever seen). This stuff really is simple, once you have access to a good teacher like Richard.
  • What happens in a REAL stick fight - just knowing these secrets will make sure you survive situations where others don’t come out on top
  • How to use your own stick super-effectively in a fight, including the most tender and easiest to reach targets on the body. You can apply these secrets across the board –to keys, magazines and plenty more! (This is ideal for the street)
  • How to use Richard’s secrets of the double-handed grip for maximum devastation on the street. Once you use THIS…most attackers really won’t know what hit them!
  • How to snap your strikes for extreme close quarter work. Make this fighting tool whip and gouge your attacker in close range.
  • Discover Richard’s best secrets of short thrusts and jabs that will disable an attacker instantly.
  • And much, much, more . . .

And more…including using the 4-count drill for effect…using the ‘RAG’ system…using reverse grips for more power and flexibility…using ANGLES of attack for best effect…using fulcrum and lever principles…and more.

We got several hours worth of content here. Then edited it down. And believe me: with this double DVD Set, you’ll be getting more meat per minute on REAL stick-fighting secrets for the street than you’ll find anyplace else.

The result is this two DVD Set (almost three hours of content) - Richard Cotterill’s Stick Fighting And Stealth Weapon Secrets.

And best of all?

You don’t need to be strong at all to use this information!

Really, anyone can use this material – and SHOULD.

You can either incorporate these secrets into your current training regime…or, if you’re currently not training, you can pick them up and start using them very quickly indeed (‘from scratch’). And it’s IDEAL for you if you’re weak or creaky… and just want something that can overcome attackers with much more ease than ‘traditional self-defence’!

A word of warning though…these secrets are for SELF-DEFENCE only. You see, you can’t just USE a stick on the street. Far from it. But, if the situation warrants – and you are in a self-defence situation – then you can certainly use a stick, torch, keys or magazine to protect yourself against someone who is threatening you with violence, and if the situation is severe enough. This ISN’T for everyone and every situation though – and, as I say, it is for self-defence only.

It doesn’t matter what you’re training in right now though…

Fact is, though, you can discover for yourself how these stick-fighting secrets fluidly gel with your current training, giving you a significant edge in any street altercation. Or, if you’re coming at things ‘from scratch’ this will take you from beginner to stick-fighting impresario in quick-time.

So, how much for this 2-DVD Set?

Well, quite frankly, we KNOW that the market is simply crying out for specialised information like this. I’ve not seen anything like this, anywhere – especially not this ‘high-level’. Bottom-line is that we KNOW we have to get this out to as wide a market as possible…because of the level of garbage out there on stick-fighting at the moment!

So, unlike some of our other Programs, this is significantly lower in price. In fact, your price for the complete package is just £67… and that’s for everything. We’ll even pay the VAT on that. Oh, and we’ll pay the shipping too. And yes – ok, as always, you get a full 90-day guarantee of satisfaction. So check it all out, see what you think.

I think you’ll agree with me though…this package is stuffed full of material that you can pick up and use tomorrow ‘out there’ on the streets…and it’s an absolute bargain at this price. Considering what you’d pay for a ‘one-on-one’ session with Richard, then the price for this Double DVD Set is a total bargain.

There’s no way you can get better instruction on stick-fighting
secrets than you will here today!

And I know that with these stick-fighting secrets in your ‘arsenal’, you’ll be that much closer to your self-protection goals. You’ll pick up these secrets immediately, and be ready and able to tackle the NEW Streets out there – no matter what your size or strength level!

And with Richard’s stick-fighting information by your side – you’ll be a step closer to being the all-rounder than you want and NEED to be for today’s streets.

Order today. And thanks for reading.

Best Regards,
Ian Goehler
New Approach Publishing Ltd.

P.S. Check out the enclosed sheet from someone you may recognise. He recommends this – and for good reason!