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Martial Arts

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Dear NAP Customer,

I don’t care what you think about magic!

Especially when it‘s applied to martial arts and self-defense!

You see, you need to cast aside your doubts for just a moment when reading this letter today. Because you’re about to read something that may well change the way you look at ‘how to fight’ on the streets for a very long time to come…and may well shock you a little as well.


Well, you know the legendary guru Russell Stutely, right? He’s the guy who’s been featured on the front-cover of the famed Martial Arts Illustrated magazine on two separate occasions (such is the respect people now give to him)…he’s the guy who’s endorsed by ex World-Champion boxer Herol Graham…the guy who’s changed forever the way plenty of us here in the UK view self-protection for the street.

Well, we recently had a bit of an ‘idea’ with what Russell has shown us in the past - you see, instead of going through tons of different material for the street, this time around we simply asked Russell to give us his most powerful, secret and damn-near ‘MAGICAL’ moves!

We wanted nothing but his most MAGICAL moves!

We asked Russell to cut out anything related to and about striking…even pressure points…to cut out the ‘street psychology’…to cut everything almost everything in fact. ALL we wanted were the MAGICAL moves that he has developed over the years!

More specifically, we wanted those moves which work like damn magic…which can help you exert so much power (and ultimately RESPECT) over an opponent, that they’ll swear you’re using some kinds of ‘magical power’ over them - or something similar!

Russell reluctantly agreed…

So we set about composing these ‘magical’ moves together onto DVD for you to watch and learn from, so you too can start using these ’magical’ moves to gain unheard of power over street opponents.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today…

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not talking about learning how to do a Karate chop, or ‘side-kick’ here. Nope. I’m talking about the most powerful and MAGICAL moves (ones which you can use to control a much bigger opponent with ONE FINGER) that Russell has developed over the years!

Our ultimate goal was and is very simple in fact…

See, we wanted YOU, our customer, to simply not have to worry about learning all sorts of complicated ‘moves’, ‘stances’ and other stuff that takes years to learn and even longer to practice. No…by distilling down and just giving us these ‘magic’ like moves…well, we knew that anyone who picks them up and uses them can quickly dominate and get a great advantage over street bullies, thugs and muggers!

Yes! Now you can harness some of the most secret and ’magical’ moves of one of the World’s most powerful martial artists…to bully street attackers… give yourself more confidence, power and respect…and exert near super-human control over someone stupid enough to attack you or your family.

Over the course of two cut-and-dried, easy to watch and easy-to-learn-from DVDS, we got Russell’s most potent ‘magical’ moves - those which will simply ‘shock and awe’ anyone which you use them on (not to mention on-lookers who see you use them!)

Here’s a small sample of what you’re going to learn:

  • The secret ‘poison injection’ move! Watch Russell demonstrate this move, and his partner ‘writhe’ in agony as he shows you how simple it can be!
  • The ‘jellyfish’ maneuver…just be careful with this one since you don’t want to ‘over-hit’ your training partner and possibly really hurt them!
  • How to use an ‘energy drop’…witness the amazing demonstrations for yourself as attackers energy is ‘extracted’ out of them like sucking juice out of a carton!
  • How to use ‘dermatomes’ to know exactly how and where to hit even the largest attacker…to their knees!
  • How a secret used in traditional Chinese medicine (used in a simple strike which Russell will show you) can literally be ‘too powerful’ ; once again, do NOT mis-use this technique!
  • Secrets of the ‘one-armed’ spinning strangle - a super-tight, practically-impossible to escape move which makes nearly every other strangle obsolete!
  • A ‘magical’ move so powerful it can release the bowels of your opponent! Once again, this is a move to use only in extreme self-defense scenarios.
  • The legendary ‘fruit-machine’ magical move… a move which is almost impossible to escape and which have any attacker dropping to his knees! And no, I won’t say any more about this one!
  • A move so simple to use that it is possible the ultimate ‘lazy man’s’ move for powerful self-defense. Be careful using it - you might not want to train it again after discovering it!
  • A ground-move which can literally take the calf muscle out of contention…be sure to practice this one very s-l-o-w-l-y.

And more…including ‘magical moves’ to use when you’re in ‘hopeless’ situations which look inescapable…points to strike which exert an almost magical influence and power over your attackers (and they‘re simple too - so anyone can use them)…and plenty more.

Now, please bear this in mind!

Now, let me you tell you something very important here. You see, I want you to realise that these are all SIMPLE moves - even though they exert unheard of power over your attackers. What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means that anyone can use them - no matter what kind of shape you’re in, how fit you are, or how experienced or inexperienced you are right now!

That’s the beauty of these ‘magical’ moves that Russell has designed just for you…anyone can use them to great effect - starting right NOW!

Just a few days from now, in fact, you can now have in your possession these secret ‘magical’ moves…and you can pick them up and start using them almost right away - to command respect wherever you go…even to cause people to stop and look at you and say to themselves ‘Wow! That guy has freaky power…he’s not human!’

Needless to say, that kind of reaction is not only possible…but it will give you instant respect wherever you go. And confidence, too…

A word of warning here though…

But there’s something else I want to stress as well…in short, do NOT mis-use these secret ‘magical’ moves. They’re too powerful to ‘mess’ around with. And they are certainly not for ‘playing’ with…they are, in short, damn-near magical in their power.

In fact, as TWO conditions of ordering, you must agree to the following:

1) That, when ‘practicing’ these moves on a training partner (if you want to practice on someone - you don’t need to, you can simply practice on your own), that you take it very easy, and very gently. You do NOT want to go too ‘hard’ with these moves on your training partner! You must agree to use these very gently in training, in order to get your hands on this ‘magical’ moves.

2) And the second condition…on the street…if you DO choose to use these magical moves…then only do so with the required force to get away. Do NOT use excessive force, and only really use these moves when you are in a very, very serious situation.

You must agree to these two conditions here today, in order to order this 2-DVD Set. And I think that’s fair enough…and the responsible thing to do.

Simply called ‘Magical Moves’…this 2-DVD Set outlines those most potent, respect-commanding and near-magical moves which can change the way you look at self-protection forever.

So, what’s the price?

It’s not nearly as much as Russell previous sets of material - which, as you may know, we’ve sold for up to $400 (£197) before now. Fortunately, the price for THIS particular set is not even close to these kinds of prices.

You see, Russell is convinced that you NEED to see this stuff…to see that it’s really possible, to see for yourself how this may change the way you train forever. Frankly, too, he wants to get this material ’out there’ to the wider community too…so he’s cutting the price right down…and charging a paltry £59 with free shipping for the 2-DVD Set!

That’s far, far less than Russell usually charges for information of this calibre…but, as a past customer of ours as well here at NAP/, he’s virtually giving away the farm here today with this offer!

That’s, what, just the price of a few weeks of lessons down the local ‘club’ - where you‘ll learn nothing like the quality of the information you‘ll get here? Hopefully you can see for yourself the ‘serious bargain’ and street advantage that is being offered to you here today with this 2-DVD Set.

One word of warning though…

A word of warning here, though. See, I’m sure that Russell is going to ‘come to his senses’ pretty damn soon about this low, low price. And, when he does, he will almost certainly raise the price of his Magical Moves product UP, UP UP! In short, don’t be left out in the cold…don’t miss out on this low, low price and hate yourself later. Order today, right now, to lock in this low price.

So here’s exactly what you need to do now!

Simply click one of the ‘Order now’ buttons or alternatively, call us any time, 24 hours a day on 0161-613-0469. If you’re based in the USA, call us toll-free, 24 hours a day on 1-888-503-9794.

Yes, your purchase is fully guaranteed as well!

And yes - as per usual - you take ZERO risk with your purchase. You can check out this 2-DVD set for yourself…see whether you like it or not…see whether it performs to your satisfaction or not - and only then decide.

If you’re not blown away by the information and secret ‘magical’ moves which Russell imparts, then that’s fine. Just return the DVDs to us, and we’ll issue you with a complete and full refund of your purchase price. What could be fairer?

Order today, and inject some ‘magic’ into your own life with what Russell wants to share with you here today!

Best Regards,
Ian G.
New Approach Publishing/

P.S. Oh yes - more about your guarantee. I should have told you that your guarantee lasts for a full 90-days! That means you can check out this new 2-DVD Set for yourself, and only then decide. You can simply return it at any time within 90 days if you’re dissatisfied with it for any reason. Fair enough? Order today and get these ‘magical’ moves working for yourself!

P.P.S. There’s a quick letter from Russell below – check out what he has to say about this…

From The Training Gym Of Russell Stutely –
Somewhere In The Mediterranean…

Dear NAP Customer,

By now, I’m hoping you’ve read a little more about these ‘Magical Moves’ - material I’m releasing with NAP, the UK’s Number One in real-world self-protection DVDs.

This is the next best thing to my higher-priced training DVDs - in fact, in some ways... since the material is more condensed and more ‘meat-and-potatoes’’s arguably better.

Now, I’d like to introduce you to my best, most ‘magical’ moves - those which will give you unrivalled power over street opponents. For sure, these moves aren’t anything like what you’ll find in ‘conventional’ martial arts. There much more powerful. And the best part is that they’re just as easy to learn, too.

If you want what amounts to almost ‘too-much’ control over your attacker - where YOU are ‘the man’ that people look up to and ultimately fear through learning these simple yet ‘magical’ moves - then you won’t want to miss out on this.

One more thing...

I’ve made sure NAP have given you a full three months (90 days) to check this all out. That’s plenty of time, I think, for you to convince YOURSELF...for you to try these out for yourself, and see how effective they different these magical moves are to conventional martial arts.

I think that’s only fair. We take all the risk on this.

My methods are powerful enough that I have now moved from the UK to escape possible ’repercussions’ - but I want to still get these ‘magical’ moves into your hands, so you too can exert ‘magical’ power over people who attack you, to turn the tables on the ‘bad’ guys who roam the earth.

Check these out for yourself - remember that you‘ve got nothing to lose by giving them a go…

Russell Stutely
Somewhere In The Mediterranean…

Here's what the best fighters say about Russell Stutely...

Here’s an important note from Herol Graham - former 3 time British, European and Commonwealth Champion at Light Middle, Middle and Super Middleweight – and former World Title Holder at Super Middle (ABA Champion). In short, an absolute legend in the business.

“Russell’s material will blow you away. I was a World Champion, so believe me I know how to hit hard. But Russell can show anyone how to turn on so much power that they can devastate any street punk or attacker. Russell can change the way you train and how you defend yourself forever.”

- Herol Graham

"…strikes are amazingly powerful ~ I have never been hit so hard" Master Mark Adlington 4th Degree Tang Soo Do

"Russell makes Placement Points so easy to use. He has transformed my Martial Arts" ~ Bob Sykes 6th Dan Karate, Editor of Martial Arts Illustrated.

"Russell puts the reality back into Martial Arts" Rich Mooney 8th Degree Kung Fu

"Real self defence, made real easy. Russell is where you should go if you want to learn what your Art really means" Malcolm Keith 3rd Dan Ju Jitsu

… “…Great To Watch In Action” – Peter Consterdine, Author And 7th Dan Karate