Extreme, ‘Lost’ Fighting Method Used To Train Military In World War 2 Gets Modern Day Makeover By UK’s Fastest Rising Close Quarter Combat Star – Could Change The Way You Train Forever!” !

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“There is a load of bollocks out there, at least in terms of what will work in a self-protection sense for today’s environment. There are many dry land swimmers who have just never been wet and who are preaching this is the way. I just want to shake things up a bit within this field.

- Direct Quote From Martial Arts Illustrated, June 2005

Dear Reader,

I’m writing to you today with something of a ‘story’…

It’s a ‘story’ that starts many years back – but one which learning more about may well affect the way you train for years to come.

So let me start by taking you back a little while…

It all starts back in Shanghai.

Not ordinary Shanghai, though.

Because this was a time when Shanghai was one of the most unruly and barbaric areas of the World…a place that makes the streets of today look like a walk in the park.

You see, at the time I’m talking about, Shanghai was a place with some of the worst crime levels on the face of the planet. It was back at the start of the last century…when the place had a huge foreign population and was self-governed. Crime was rampant. Imagine a war-torn city of today that you hear about on the News – double that – and you get the idea.

Shanghai was littered with killers. It was barbaric. Fact is, it made today’s World and the fabled ‘street’ seem like a walk in the park. Living in England today, you cannot even begin to imagine the severity of the problem in Shanghai at the time…and what you needed to do to survive.

But here’s the thing…

You see, there were two guys in Shanghai who were doing proverbial battle against the Shanghai streets. These were the good guys. Their names?
William Fairbairn and Eric Sykes.

Fairbairn was the head of the Municipal police in Shanghai…and faced everything from riots to narcotic dealers and kidnapping on the streets.

These guys were fighting against some of the
most desperate criminals in the World!

That’s why it was so important that they could defend themselves – and it’s also the reason why I’m writing you this letter today.

You see, the interesting thing was how Fairbairn – head of the police in Shanghai at the time - developed and refined an approach to fighting to go up against the unruly criminals back in the day.

His ‘approach’ was to ensure that his police troops – who were working in severely bad crime-ridden areas – could handle themselves with best effect. See, whereas the Municipal police force in Shanghai did use more traditional means of defence (e.g. firearms)…

They needed the best unarmed combat training as well…

And that’s where Fairbairn came in – and his sidekick, Sykes. The two of them were close-quarter combat pioneers…expanding on training that was ultra-real and ultra-effective on the streets (Fairbairn, by the way, was the guy who was responsible for inventing ‘shooting rooms’ which are used by the SAS today).

For years, they trained the Municipal police in Shanghai – one of the ‘roughest’ areas of the World – on hand-to-hand, close-quarter combat.

But then something happened. What happened? I’ll tell you:

World War 2 arrived!

That’s right. World War 2 came around, and with it, the need to train our troops in the best (and quickest) way to fight on the frontlines.

Who did our own military choose to train our troops? You guessed it. Fairbairn and Sykes were the guys that were chosen. After all, our own military wanted guys who could teach an approach to fighting that was grounded in front-line experience and was absolutely effective. No doubts. No ifs. Not buts. Just pure out-and-out devastation.

By this time, their fight-training had become renowned for its effectiveness. So much so that elements of this system - along with even more brutal methods - ended up being used to train the military in Close Quarter Combat during World War 2.

That’s right. There techniques were so good and so effective that they were used as the basis for WW2 training as well. Even British Commandoes picked up Fairbairn and Sykes fighting system.

That’s how good their approach to real-world, reality fighting really was.

It turned out so good that it ‘sat’ well with the military in a War (of all places).

Why was it used in the War? For several reasons. And not just because of its power – but also because...

It was incredibly quick to learn. Our troops often didn’t have the time to learn lots of fancy moves. They just wanted a quick-and-easy approach to taking out enemies. And something that was very powerful and easy to remember.

Fact is, the guys that were being taught this method only had 8-12 hours to learn it.

That was it!

There were no rules…no room for something that ‘may’ work. It was simply down-and-dirty ridiculously effective material that out-and-out WORKED.

No matter what.

Whether it was fair or now, the only goal was to get away clean, whatever it took. Their thinking was simple: the quicker it is to learn, the better the chance it will be useable in the real-world.

The result was a combat training system that was so effective that it survived the greatest pressure test of all…

…World War 2!

We’re talking about the actual, undiluted methods put out by our own military in a War here (and which were further refined and improved as the troops came back from the front-lines).

They called it, quite simply: Combatives

Anyway, there’s a reason I’m telling you this...

Because if you’re anything like me, your mouth is watering about now. Problem is, the big question you might have is…

“What happened to all this training material?”

What happened? Where is it now? How can you access it?

You’d think it might have been lost forever. But it wasn’t.

Good news: as the UK’s number one company in providing real-world instructional DVDs (at any one time we are negotiating with numerous of the UK’s top martial artists for new productions), we’ve found someone who has updated and built on this foundational method of Combatives.

He’s improved it. Reworked it. And modernised it.

He calls it URBAN Combatives.

And it’s perfect for YOU, if:

  • You’re interested in rapidly improving your real-world defence skills – getting maximum benefits out for minimum time expended…
  • You finally want to walk the streets with total confidence, KNOWING you’ve got just about the best ‘tools’ possible for self-protection and real-world defence…
  • You want to get your hands on an incredibly powerful and quickly-learned approach to taking out attackers, street opponents and other bullies…

That’s why I’m writing this letter today.

Because we finally convinced the modern-day master behind this art to reveal all that he knows. He is none other than Lee Morrison. You might have heard about Lee, or read his interview in Martial Arts Illustrated (June 2005). A street-tough bouncer (for 12 years), Close-Protection Operative for everyone from rock stars to celebrities, and a damn-good Self-Protection instructor and combat athlete (and, importantly for us, exceptional teacher).

Lee’s worked with the best and brightest in the Combatives arena, and is one of the very FEW guys walking the planet that can teach you this foundational material. Seriously, Lee’s the complete package and knows this material inside-out – and has layered it, modernised it – and reworked it for today’s street scenarios.

That’s why we were so happy to get him on tape. We knew that it would be life-changing material for anyone want to get some of the best street-based ‘tools’ out there today.

You can imagine how effective this material can be on the street – and how learning it can turn you into a lean-mean-protection-machine as quickly as possible.

And because of this material’s roots – and the way it’s been designed – you can pick it up and start using it almost immediately…and far quicker than most traditional martial arts. That’s what makes it so bang on for all of us – without years of training, you can pick up and use this proven material very quickly indeed.

So here’s what’s happened:

Over a period of hours and hours, we got Lee ‘live’ on tape, graphically illustrating his updated approach to Combatives…the basis of this WW2 training…and how to apply it to the rules of engagement for today’s street scenarios.

And he blew us away!

Don’t get me wrong.

We see a lot of tapes. But these were some of the very best we’d ever filmed and published. Almost immediately, we let our customers ‘in’ on Lee’s material – and now we’re intent on offering it to a wider audience.

So let me tell you about just a small sample of what we caught ‘live’ on these latest DVD’s, filmed direct with Lee Morrison, building on the original Combatives material:

  • Using tiger claw strikes (two variations). Lee believes that one of these is one of the most devastating hand tools that we have. This was taught in World War 2!
  • Open-handed techniques that DON’T require accuracy for devastation (this is HUGE...you won’t have the time and skill to connect accurately on the streets. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to with these techniques!).
  • Do you know the two most-taught moves in the WW2 compressed curriculum? You can only imagine their effectiveness, particularly considering how fast it all had to be learned, and how effective it simply HAD to be. You’ll learn them both.
  • How to use natural, unobtrusive positions such as; the stance of American comedian Jack Benny to look non-threatening and stay out of trouble in unlikely combat situations (natural guards like this are very effectively used by door staff)
  • Something that you’ll love if you’re anything like me: cycling your attacks. In short, linking together attacks, which – when done right – is incredibly powerful in the right hands, and can literally stop attackers where they stand. ANY attacker! We’re talking about maximum devastation here – no one walks away.

And more... an awful lot more (I’ve not listed much here – because you really need to see the tapes rather than relying on my explanation). I’m talking about using swivel punches, spike kicks, WW2 ‘covers’ (defences against vicious, random attacks that are so common on today’s street)...developing composure to cover from continuous punching attacks (incredibly important for the streets)...how to use WW2 ‘thunderclaps’ to devastate your opponent...using artifice and deception – and more.

And best of all?

Best of all…

  • There are NO fancy moves
  • NO ‘prancing’ about
  • NOTHING that’s difficult to learn

It’s all out-and-out, real-world, devastating street-based, updated material that’s going to blow you away .

You see, whereas most stuff you’ll learn in martial arts is ‘heavy-practice-required’ and ‘heavy-maintenance-required’ (i.e. you have to keep practicing once you’ve trained in it), this is deliberately designed and used for quick-use and even better results. Right back to the days of Fairbairn and Sykes, who developed this for commandos and those needing ultra-fast, real-world fighting ability almost overnight.

It’s not about looking good. It’s not about learning ‘moves’ that take months to practice and years to maintain. Far from it.

Instead, it’s all about RESULTS!

Because ‘out there’…where it counts…that’s all that counts.

Even if… you’re out-of-shape and lack much co-ordination, you can still pick up and apply what Lee can show you. Remember that this material was designed and developed to be used super-FAST. Because we’re talking about pressure-tested, real-World material that’s (literally) been used on the front-lines of Combat.

That’s why we are so pleased to be publishing these tapes – because we believe that the content that Lee has provided us with is the ultimate ‘how-to-fight-and-win’ training available anywhere…

If you’re a martial artists who’s trained for years…or someone who’s looking to get a crash-course in real-world, tested close-quarter combat techniques – some of the most effective you’ll ever see– you NEED to get your hands on this Lee Morrison training Set.

What do you get?

The package contains two, full-length DVDs of Lee’s Urban Combatives – with multiple training partners, full edits and full instruction. We got everything we could, editing it down to the pure meat-and-potatoes and then ripping it on to these DVDs.

Altogether, it’s a SUPERSET of material – based on the extreme techniques of yesteryear, but updated by a modern-day master for the rules of today’s street…

Is there a catch to all this? Actually, yes. And it relates to what I just said:

Now the Bad News:

I want you to be clear on something. And that’s this: Combatives (and these training DVDs) is at the extreme end of self-protection. This isn’t airy-fairy material. And that’s the catch. This is not for everyone, and it’s certainly for those who aren’t serious about this material.

In short, this stuff wasn’t actually intended for civilian use. As I’ve explained, its roots are in the training of the Shanghai police and tough Military Commandos. That means it may not appeal to you.

Whether that puts you off or not – I don’t know. I can’t be sure. But I wanted to up-front and clear about this in this to you today. Hope you understand.

It’s not for you if you want to ‘play’ with this, aren’t really serious, or just want a few old, tired techniques that ‘may’ work in reality.

That’s not what this is about.

No. Because it’s all over-in-an-instant material. As destructive as possible. As quickly as possible. Just like in the military – but modernized by Lee for the rules of engagement in today’s street arena.

One final warning...

This material IS real-world, real-life stuff . As such, because of its realism, it DOES contain swearing and such like (bear in mind also what I’ve said about it being extreme material too). So that means you must be 18 to order – and be prepared for some harsh words. We wanted it as real-world, real-life as possible, and as close to the real-world as we could get - so that’s what you’re going to get.

So what IS the price?

What’s the price for this material? It’s cheap – more like the price for a handful of lessons at your local ‘club’, but in another league entirely in terms of effectiveness. Because what you’re getting here is effectively a ‘system’ that’s effectively been resurrected from yesteryear – when real-world fighting really WAS ‘real world’...something with its roots in training the Shanghai police and commandos - and updated and refined by one of the UK’s fastest rising real-world stars.

That price is just £97.(minus 30% sale discount and including FREE Fight Back set) And that’s for everything –the 2-Set of DVDs for Lee’s Urban Combatives.

That’s the complete package – delivered to your door,
and fully guaranteed to boot…and all for a ridiculously low price…

Yes, we’ll guarantee it all too…

What’s more, we’re going to fully guarantee your purchase.

Most martial arts videos simply don’t come with any kind of guarantee. But our approach is different.

We know that this material is the real deal, so we’ve got absolutely no problem giving you the absolute best guarantee in the business. Order at our risk, not yours.

That’s right. We want to ensure you got this material at our own risk, not your own. So you’re fully protected.

Here’s how…

Order the DVDs. Check them out. Run through them, watch some of the material and even go through some of the techniques if you want. Only then decide. And if you don’t like them, don’t agree they’re what we’ve said…and more just send them back. You’ll be refunded in FULL. Yes, a complete refund of your payment will come back to you.

And we won’t stop at a month guarantee either. We want to give you the best guarantee in the business. So you’ve got a full 60-days to check this material out at your own leisure. Yes, that’s 60 days. That’s basically two full months!

You can send the tapes back at any time within two months of receiving them… and STILL get a full refund.

You have our word on this…no ridiculous ‘get-out’ clauses, no nothing. You want a full refund, you get one. Fair enough?

Are we taking a risk? Not really.

You see, we know the power of this Combatives approach. And once you see it for yourself, you’ll wonder why you didn’t experience this material years ago. It’s THAT good. So good, in fact, that it could forever change the way you look at your training.

Your package will be shipped within a few days and you are fully protected by your ‘no-questions-asked’, 60-day, money-back guarantee. You’re perfectly safe.

You’re really going to love this stuff. If you like the thought of getting on the ‘inside’ of real-life fighting material…the same material taught and used by REAL, front-line fighters of yesteryear… you need to order these tapes.

Order today. You won’t regret it. And many thanks for reading.

Ian Goehler

New Approach Publishing Ltd.

P.S. One final thing! It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned fighting veteran or rank beginner with Lee’s material. You’ll still get monstrous value out of them. To accelerate your previous skills, or build from afresh. You’ll love this either way!

P.P.S. And remember that you get a cast-iron guarantee of satisfaction, too. You can get a full refund at any time within 60 days. No funny stuff, just your money back if you want it.