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“Should These High-Level Joint-Breaking Secrets Of Kevin O’Hagan Be Released To Security Personnel Only – Or To NAP Customers As Well?”

Read On And Decide For Yourself

Dear Customer,

Have you ever seen a guy walk up to a block
of wood, and chop it clean in half?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen it done. And if you have, you’ve probably wondered not only whether it is ‘for real’, but also how (and IF) that kind of breaking power can be applied to the street.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about breaking a piece of wood out in the City Centre on a Saturday night. And I’m not talking about learning how to chop through wood, or even break a brick with your head. Nope…I’m actually talking about how to apply breaking principles to street scenarios – specifically, I’m talking about joint-breaking and how to apply that to the street.

Why is that so important?

Think about it.

Knowing how to totally disable an attacker like this – on the street – is literally…


For you. For me. And for anyone serious about their street ability.

Why? Think about it. Knowing the real secrets of attacking and disabling joints…

  • Enables you to quickly take out an attacker, and walk away ‘clean’…No fuss, no muss. A simple joint-break is all that’s needed to do the trick.
  • Enables you to take out someone regardless of their size or ‘adrenalin. This is critical. A drugged up loon or 7 foot giant can STILL be disabled with the correct approach to joint-breaking…for obvious reasons. Doesn’t matter how big or crazed they are.
  • Enables you to hit with SIMPLE strikes…and take out your foe without worrying about complex crap that doesn’t work.

Bottom-line: most martial art techniques can do damage and ‘hurt’ someone. But break a joint and it’s physically IMPOSSIBLE for an attacker to come after you. You literally just won the fight.

After all, if you smack someone on the nose then it might hurt, and it might well take him out and allow you to escape. But there are no guarantees. But break his leg and there simply NO WAY he can come after you!

It won’t matter if he’s on drugs, or no matter how ‘mad’ he is,
secrets like this can keep your way out of trouble…and give you
a HUGE advantage in a street scenario.

Bluntly speaking, this means that breaking a joint is possibly THE best way to take out ANY attacker, in ANY situation.

No matter what.

Doesn’t matter how big, how hard or what they’re on…break a joint and they cannot physically use that joint anymore. Which multiplies your ability to win the fight very quickly indeed… and get away.

Ok, but what does this have to do with you?

A LOT. Especially if you want to learn how to multiply your fighting ability.

So let’s get down to the meat of the issue.

Ever heard the name ‘Kevin O’Hagan’?

Maybe you have. Maybe you haven’t.

Fact is, Kevin’s VERY well-known in our ‘community’ and he’s like a proverbial pit-bull. Kevin’s a legend here in the UK. He’s a 30-year veteran and a 6th Dan in Combat Jiu-Jistu. He’s also a high-risk trainer…for our police, down to doormen and even businessmen in need of savvy street skills almost overnight.

But Kevin knows as well as anyone, that on the street…

…there is no tapout!

Our kind of guy.

And here’s the really interesting thing: What Kevin doesn’t know about breaking joints…simply isn’t worth knowing. It’s his years of experience in training door personnel and our police in ‘control-and-restraint’ and quick-and-easy takeouts (as well as his ‘cage’ experiences).

Now, here’s the good news: we recently got Kevin ‘on tape’ with every last secret of his approach towards joint-breaking for the street.

We looked at everything – starting with Kevin’s basis for his joint-breaking system – his Triple-S foundation. This gauges just what level of force you should apply. We moved through everything you need to break an attacker down quickly and efficiently on the street – everything from dislocations, to shoulder and arm breaks, leg breaks, knee dislocations…

…everything ‘systemised’…enabling you to
take out any joint on an attacker…and walk away clean!

This is the same kind of instruction Kevin would dole out to security personnel and other high-risk professionals. Fortunately for us, we’ve got him to give the same instruction to our best customers. Now as someone in our ‘crew’, you too can get your hands on these super-powerful, high-level joint-breaking secrets.

Here’s a brief sample of what was covered on the day:

  • How to do ‘old school’ head chantry (wrestling techniques) and ‘head crushing’ techniques that will cause near-instant submission in your foe (good for ‘no rules’ competitions).
  • How to perform ‘spine twisters’. Do NOT use these in competition or in anything less than emergencies. They’re dangerous!
  • How to attack multiple joints on an attacker. He won’t know what hit him. This is extreme devastation.
  • How to combine joint attacks. For example: combining leg locks and heel hooks for devastating effect, and combining knee and ankle locks (extremely powerful) as well as shoulder-spine combinations for ultimate control.
  • How to use barred from competition joint-breaking techniques, specially adapted to the street
  • How to outwit knife attacks, then move the attack into a vicious joint-break that will stop your attacker in his tracks
  • How to use a Police Force technique for control and manipulation of a foe to make him/her ‘cry uncle’. He’ll be squirming – unless you break a joint first.
  • How to apply joint breaking techniques to thugs wielding bottles, knifes and even baseball bats. Snap a knife attacker’s wrist joint as he holds a knife to you.
  • The notorious ‘head stomp’ is a vicious attack doled out by cowardly thugs on a night out. It’s a common attack. Here’s how to not only defend it, but turn the tables into a super-painful knew dislocation (one of the best ground defence you’ll ever see!)
  • The can opener: I have nothing more to say about this technique
  • How to use a prison officer’s secret for control-and-restraint (hence the headline at the top of this letter. These are the kind of techniques known by ‘insiders’. Not for everyone.
  • How to do an ‘ultra-effective’ elbow strike joint-break that uses your entire body weight. He will NOT walk away from this. To be used SPARINGLY.
  • How to do ‘limb’ destructions. No stone was left unturned. We spanned the gamut…every limb was covered…enabling you to apply this material to potentially ANY street scenario you come up against.

And more. Including face bar applications…shoulder locks and dislocations…‘old’ wrestling-style techniques converted to the modern-day…using simple finger breaks to control your attacker…combining joint breaks with headbutts…and other agonising ‘real-life’ applications of four-figure locks.

Fact is, this 2-DVD series is absolutely loaded with content. We got several hours worth of content. Then edited it down. And believe me: with this double DVD Set, you’ll be getting more meat per minute on how to disable an attacker with joint breaks than you’ll find any place else.

And you’ll walk away with the skills and knowledge – not only to disable an attacker by taking out any joint…but also you’ll know how to control and restrain too…making a guy flap like a fish with pain!

So who is this package for?

It is ideal for you IF:

  • You are currently a security professional, or door professional who needs awesome ‘control-and-restraint’ and other tactics (don’t get me wrong: you can’t ‘break a joint’ legally in a position like this, but you CAN learn some fantastic control and restraint tactics which are included here too)…
  • You are in need of learning some quick-and-easy methods for ultimate street protection (this is where the joint-breaking comes into its own as a stand-alone thing). For taking out foes and making sure they simply don’t get back up.
  • You want to learn straightforward but devastating secrets for annihilating a street foe – no matter how big, hard or drugged up he is.

And best of all?

You can either incorporate these secrets into your current training regime…or, if you’re currently not training, you can pick them up and start using them very quickly indeed (‘from scratch’).

And it doesn’t matter what you’re training in right now…

Fact is, you can learn how these joint-breaking secrets fluidly gel with your current training, giving you a significant edge in any street altercation.

So, how much?

Well, as the UK’s Number One in DVD instruction, we see a lot of packages. But here’s the thing…since this can be widely used and because of the quality (as I say, this is loaded with content), we’re keen on getting it out to as many of our customers as we can.

So, unlike some of our other Programs, this is significantly lower in price. In fact, your price for the complete package is just £59…and that’s for everything. And yes – ok, as always, you get a full 90-day guarantee of satisfaction. So check it all out, see what you think. Make up your own mind.

I think you’ll agree with me though…this package is stuffed full of material that you can pick up and use tomorrow ‘out there’ on the streets…and it’s an absolute bargain at this price. Considering you’ll find it hard to corner Kevin at all and teach you one-on-one…then the price for this Double DVD Set is effectively a training fee and quick class with a bunch of others. And it’s nothing like the ‘personalised’ tuition you’re getting with these DVDs today.

There’s no way you can get better instruction on the correct
application of joint-breaking than this DVD Series!

Fact is, I’d probably say that Kevin is the best ‘on screen’ teacher we’ve come across so far. He’s VERY comfortable on camera and imparts this information very well…and that makes the learning experience that much better for YOU.

With these joint-breaking secrets in your ‘arsenal’ , I know you’ll be that much closer to your self-protection goals. With Kevin ‘The Pitbull’ O’Hagan’s help, you can start incorporating this material into your training quickly…and starting getting results straight away thereafter.

Order today. And learn these insider’s skills for demolishing street punks!

Best Regards,
Ian Goehler
New Approach Publishing Ltd.

P.S. I’ve included a quick note from Kevin so you can see the credentials of this legend for yourself. Thanks.
A Personal Message From Kevin O’Hagan…

“I’ve done the lot – trained with the Israeli Anti-Terrorist Squad, been in the ‘Cage’ – even been on SKY TV’s ‘ Britain ’s Hardest…’

- And let me tell you now: knowing How To Disable a Joint…is some of the most valuable street-fighting knowledge you’ll ever acquire…

I’ve been obsessed with quick and efficient ways to take out street attackers and end fights fast for the last 30 years.

I’ve done it all. I’ve competed in various forms of Vale Tudo competitions – even taken one of my fighters to the infamous PRIDE Championships (similar to the UFC) in Japan. I have reached the Amateur Nationals two years in a row and won gold and silver medals in Ju Jutsu Kumite and Brazilian Ju Jutsu competitions.

But Combat Ju Jutsu and Reality training is still my first love. And here’s the bottom line…

Most of the stuff ‘out there’ that works is simply too controversial for too many martial artists – and this material on joint-breaking is no different. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s very effective where it counts – on the harsh and real streets of the UK.

If you’re interested in taking out street punks…and are willing to learn some of the best information on totally disabling whoever comes at you – then you’ll love this real-world, time-tested information on joint-breaking. It absolutely WORKS.

Kevin O’Hagan


You may have heard of Kevin . Fact is, he’s trained over the years with a virtual "who's who" of Martial Arts Masters. Including: Geoff Thompson, Peter Consterdine, Neil Adams, Jamie O' Keefe, Renzo Gracie, John Machado, Dan 'The Beast' Severn, Eyal Yanilov, the late Gary Spirers, members of the Israeli Anti Terrorist - Squad, SBS and the Special Forces as well as many top Japanese Instructors. Best of all, now he’s bringing YOU his best knowledge on how to fight to win on the streets…with these high-level joint-breaking secrets!