“The Most Ridiculously Unbelievable Story About The Most Outrageously Dangerous Martial Arts Video In The UK!”

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Dear Customer,

I’m writing with what may be one of the most extraordinary (and unbelievable) stories in the history of ‘kick-butt’ martial-arts video productions.

I’m serious.

And with that introduction, I sincerely hope I’ve captured your attention. Because what you’re about to read and learn about here…and what I’m going to introduce you to…is one video that you simply cannot miss. A powerful form of ‘lost’ jiu-jitsu’ that’s so powerful, so devastating and so quick-and-easy to use…

…that you simply MUST get your hands on it – NOW!

So let me tell you what’s going on.

From the top. From the beginning. Let me explain everything. Stay with me here.

Here at NAP, you know us as the guys that published Dave Turton’s Modern Street Combat and Paul Higgins’ Uni-Versal Fighting System amongst other breakthrough fighting ‘systems’. Fact is, we devote our time and resources toward hunting down the absolute best-of-the-best in the martial arts World. The kind of guys that only know what works in reality…not guys that only know useless bunk that only works in a dojo.

But what I’m writing about today is totally different. It’s far more explosive than anything I’ve written to you about before now. In fact, it’s wa-aaaaaa-y off base from what we’ve published in the past.

So let me tell you more about what’s happened.

It all started when we met up with an incredible talent in the World of Martial Arts. A chap from Liverpool who blew us away with his knowledge. More specifically than that, though, he blew us away with what he had developed by himself.

His name is Jimmy Davison.

And we were blown away by his very own fighting ‘system’.

He called it, quite simply,‘short-arm’ Jiu-Jitsu…

Now, don’t be fooled here. Just because it’s called ‘Jiu-Jitsu’ doesn’t mean that it’s your run-of-the-mill kind of material. Far from it. It is, in fact, an incredible, ‘lost’ art-form that’s far from ordinary. It’s extremely pure, and extremely powerful, and extremely undiluted. It absolutely kicks proverbial butt.

For example: The Art was, at one point, even reckoned to be taught to the air marshals defending our flights (right after 9-11). For example: virtually NO-ONE knows this Art in this, its purest form. That’s right: virtually NO-ONE. The guy we found is one of the ONLY people walking the earth that knows this stuff. More: it’s been taught to some of the most ‘hardened’ door-men in Liverpool (one of the absolute roughest club cities in the UK).

So, you can imagine how eager we were to go down to Liverpool and see this guys ‘goods’ in free-flowing action.

That’s when we commissioned the film crew, and went down to Liverpool from our Manchester base, expecting a good – yet routine – day of filming. Let me explain why I say ‘routine’. See, although we knew this material would be good…probably very good…we just thought it would be ‘another video production’.

‘Another’ system to add to the others. ‘Another’ good talent to add to your stable. And ‘another’ hot video to bring to the martial arts World.

Yet we certainly didn’t get ‘routine’. Far from it.

Instead, we were absolutely SHOCKED!

Actually, the correct words, probably aren’t shocked. More like horrified! Seriously. Why?

Let me let you into a secret.

When we’ve published martial arts videos in the past, we’ve centred our efforts on signing up very talented guys who are highly regarded, well-known and who really know their stuff. This time, however, what we got was anything BUT mainstream. And it was far from ‘ok’.

Let me explain why.

Simply put, what this guy was showing us was simply too dangerous – and too powerful!

Now, I wasn’t personally at the shoot. But the film crew told me all about it – including phoning me half way through the production asking whether they should even carry on!

Why? Because it was too dangerous. Too over the top. Too much. A little too far this time, thank you very much.

It was only later that the real story was confirmed. I’m talking about the WORKS here – what this guy revealed to us was some of the most devastating material you’ll have ever come across. The kind of material that can turn you into a walking artillery…able to turn on the power as and when required. Demolishing opponents like a fatso going through a Mars bar.

I wanted to see the tapes myself. In fact, I simply had to see these tapes myself.

That’s why I personally watched the video. Because I’d ‘heard’ about this one and because there was a lot of ‘noise’ surrounding it, I simply had to take a look.

So one night – alone (as usual) – I stuck it in the player, cracked open a Coke and sat back – my usual lazy self.

And I was shocked and startled at what I found.

Now, here was the good news : the information was amongst the most powerful that I’ve ever seen. It was super material, just as expected. And believe me: I’ve seen a lot of tapes! But what I found here was the kind of information that can ramp up your street skills to another level entirely, or blow your self-protection ability out of the water if you’re just starting out. But there was bad news too: There was no way – no way – we were going to publish this one. Too much.

It was simply too dangerous.

Couldn’t do it.

I had visions of seeing this ‘lost’ tape for sale of that auction site e-Bay, with a price of £500. No joke. You know the kind of thing. “One-Off Devastating Secret Tape Stolen From NAP’s Offices”. Final price: £500.

Nope. Pete-boy was the only one going to see this beauty. There was no way we could actually publish this video production. The content simply wouldn’t be ‘right’ for public consumption.

And that was frustrating. See, not only had we invested in the video production already, but there was something else.

The quality of the information was fantastic!

It blew me away.

Don’t get me wrong. The presentation isn’t perfect (they never are on our tapes), but that didn’t count. Content is king, and this was King of King’s.

That’s when I started thinking.

I needed some way of publishing the video. Whatever it took.

You see, I just felt that I simply had to get it to you, and let all our customers get ‘in’ on this. It was simply too good for you and me to miss out on.

So what did we do next?

We love our customers. We really do. That’s why I did everything I could to make sure this video came to the market.

And this is where the story I’m telling you goes into overdrive.

See, the very first thing we did was contact a lawyer. No joke. And a damn good one too – Central London based, top-man and very expensive. But we felt we had too. It was our duty and responsibility to do so.

He told us…we would be ‘Ok’ doing this – so that was a good sign.

Next: TheBritish Board Of Film Classification. We thought that the video would require an 18-Certificate. So we asked for their input.

Fat load of good they were!

Yeah, you can tell ‘em that too.

Next: we got insurance. We had to. This stuff IS dangerous…and we as a company need to be aware of that. So we’ve gotten specialist insurance just to ensure that we’ve done our absolute best to bring this to you.

This is really what happened, folks. It’s real-life – just like our videos.

So…here we are. And yes, we are publishing this video. We’re going ahead anyway. So be it.

But that means – very bluntly – if you ARE interested in learning more about this…and securing a copy of this breakthrough fighting system for yourself…this may be the only EVER time you get to do so.

Just some of the information on these tapes includes: how to use ‘one punch’ to take out ANY sized attacker (one punch!)…using double-throat strikes with devastating effectiveness …incredible arm manipulations…three bear-hug applications…how to separate arm muscles…a pressure point that’s made people physically sick…hugely powerful street weapon defences…head sandwiches…skin tearing…pub-street defences – and MORE!

And it’s all so quick and effective to use, it’s like a blur.

When you see it done for real, this stuff is simply going to blow you away (just wait until you see Jimmy in free-flowing action!)

Don’t get me wrong though. Because although it’s a blur, it’s all so quick and easy to use…and so effective…that anyone can start picking this up and become very good, very quickly indeed.

So are we really publishing this video? Yep, we are. Quite frankly, we DID have to take SOME parts out. They really were too much. But we’ve left all meat.

But do you know what? We simply don’t know for how long we’re going to be publishing this.

And to be quite frank with you, I feel like we’re holding the dam back here…that their will be a tidal wave of people clamouring to get this (you should too), but after that…

…it may well be all she wrote

I’m being completely serious. We can (literally) pull this at any time. Please don’t pis* around! If you’re in – hurry up. No joke.

One final thing: if you’re ‘in’, then there’s something you have to do to even be in with a shot at purchasing this. Actually, there are three things we require from you. Here are those things:

  1. You must sign the enclosed ‘non-threat’ form. You must absolutely agree that you will only use this in extreme circumstances, and in SELF-DEFENCE. No order received without this signature will be accepted.
  2. You must sign the ‘waiver’ form. You must free us from all potential liability by purchasing this tape-set. No joke.
  3. You must confirm that you are over 18. You must sign the third part of the order form to confirm this. Otherwise, no cigar. You’ll be locked out. If your ordering via the internet you need to type "I agree to all three disclaimers" on the online order form

And as long as you do that – and hurry up with your order,
then you’ll be in with a shot at this true one-off tapeset…

We’ll send it under cover in a brown wrapper – and your purchase will, of course, be fully guaranteed. Yep. You’ll get a full 90-day guarantee with this. Yeah, get the tapes, check them out and see what you think. Blown away or not…you’ll get a full three months to decide. Send them back at any time if you’re not totally satisfied with what you find.

One final thing: bluntly speaking, we’re not making a lot on these tapes at this price…so we’re trying to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

That means we’re more than likely going to do just one-run on the DVD machine – and then close this special offer down. And that means you simply can’t hang around if you’re interested in this.

Don’t waste a second if you’re in! Mail your order in today. And then – get ready. You’re going to love this stuff. I know you will. Hold onto your hat!

Best Regards,
Ian Goehler

P.S. This special offer won’t be around forever! We have no plans to run it longer than this month. Just hurry to make sure you don’t miss out!