Take A Look At These Shins; The Result Of Knowing How To Harness The Hidden And Lost Arts Of Yesteryear!


NAP’s Premier Product Release Of The Year…It’s Incredible Stuff!

Dear Dave Turton Customer…

Well, I hope you take a good, long, hard look at the above picture of Tae-Kwon-Do expert Andy Crittenden’s shins…

As you can see - they’re seriously ‘bashed up’!  

And it’s no wonder.

I’ll explain just WHY they’re so beaten up in just a moment…but first, let me tell you why I’m writing to you today.

Well, that’s why this letter is so important to you – because we’ve just finished putting the final touches to what we believe is our premiere product of the year – possibly EVER!

And it’s simply a ‘must-have’ for all Dave fans, and those wanting to ‘ratchet up’ some serious fight skills for real-world combat.

Please just let me explain how it’s all come about – as someone who knows
Dave, and knows how useful and practical his material really is…

Now, you probably know that Dave originally published Modern Street Combat with us a while back – and it rapidly became a best-seller (a product which you invested in yourself). Then , he released In-Depth…and that was rapidly taken up by our best customers, too.

Here’s the fact of the matter: we get better feedback from our customers on Dave’s material than on practically anything else we do…

And that’s why we wanted MORE from Dave – and this
time around we wanted something really spectacular!

This time…we didn’t just want ‘normal’ stuff…

This time…we didn’t just want Dave’s modern-street combat secrets…

This time we didn’t even just want his IN-DEPTH secrets either…

No…we wanted something more devastating and more ‘secret’ than anything before.

This time…we wanted stuff that virtually NO-ONE has ever seen beforeever – and which brings back material that has been ‘LOST’ over the last thousand years or so…


…‘stuff’ that no-one knows about - EXCEPT DAVE!

Our goal was simple: to get the most powerful information possible on arts from YESTERYEAR – stuff that’s mightly effective…but has virtually VANISHED off the face of the earth – stuff that virtually no instructors know about (at least not to the level Dave knows)

Why has it vanished?

To be blunt: SOME of this material has gone ‘walkabout’ since it was (genuinely) too powerful to be around in the modern-day (today). You will NOT get your average ‘Karate teacher’ teaching this stuff. Not only would he probably have no idea about this kind of high-powered information, but he probably wouldn’t want to teach it either!

We call these the ‘Hidden, Lost And Devastating Arts’ and they’re really what I’m writing about today.

Here’s what else we wanted from Dave, too…

Furthermore – we also wanted Dave to take this hidden, lost and devastating material – essentially the best self-defence arts from literally hundreds or thousands of years ago – then mix, match and meld the best of each into the ULTIMATE ‘system’ for YOU, based on the ‘modern-day’ street.

In other words, take the best of each of these ‘Hidden, Lost And Devastating’ Arts– and make them all totally relevant to today’s street (modern-day scenarios).

Don’t get me wrong. These arts may be ‘Hidden, Lost And Devastating’ , yet the reason we are bringing them back to you today is because they are, in fact, MORE applicable today than any other martial arts out there!

They are NOT based on sports technique. They are NOT watered down. But they ARE ‘hard-core’… from times when self-defence simply HAD to work!

Bottom-line: these ‘lost’ arts are probably more valid today than they’ve ever been before. It’s precisely because they’re so powerful that makes them so good when ‘squared up’ to the nonsense of most other stuff today. You know the kind of thing. The local class taken by the instructor – the one who’s only fighting experience is with his neighbour over the car parking space at the front of the house!

It’s unfortunate…but MOST of the stuff out there has been watered-down over the years…and that’s what we wanted to counter-balance with this DVD series.

So here’s what has taken place:

We recently devoted a DVD to each of these ‘Hidden, Lost And Devastating’ Arts – and the result is the arguably our most powerful and premiere release of the Year!

We call it Dave Turton’s ‘Hidden, Lost And Devastating Arts’ and if you like Dave’s ‘stuff’ – believe me, you’re going to love this!

Dave eliminated all the fluff…and left ALL the ‘nasty street stuff’. Because we know that all you want is minimum fuss – maximum results.

It is, in fact, VINTAGE Dave here…right down to Dave’s use of
graphic, illustrative analogies to drive home each point, technique and principle…

So let me give you a complete rundown on each DVD in turn – what the art is, what the package contains, and how it’s going to benefit YOU.

And let me start by taking you back to take a
look at the picture on the front of this letter!

Have you taken a look at that picture – the one on the front of this letter? Seen the shins on that? Well, those shins belong to Tae-Kwon-Do legend and 5 th Dan Andy Crittenden. Andy’s trained his legs for years, yet still took some serious punishment from Dave.

Don’t get me wrong. Dave didn’t mean to hurt Andy…it’s just that the moves were so good that it couldn’t be helped. It all relates to the first ‘Hidden, Lost And Devastating’ Art that we want to tell you about…


In fact, this is just ONE of the ancient kicking arts included with your package, and all put onto your first DVD. It’s your ‘Hidden, Lost And Devastating ANCIENT KICKING ARTS’ DVD.

This DVD will blow away all the nonsense about KICKING on the streets in self-defence scenarios – the stuff most people learn, which is generally of little use on the street.

See, there are so many kicking arts out there today. BUT – there’s a problem…most are for SPO RTS APPLICATIONS!

That’s why you’ll love this ‘hidden’ stuff from yesteryear, when there was absolutely ZERO ‘bull’ about what would and wouldn’t work.

Take Purring, for example…

Purring is all about disabling the support – the legs – of your attacker, with simple and remarkably painful moves. Astonishingly, hundreds of years ago, masters of Purring used to use horse shoes on the bottom of their normal shoes – for absolutely devastating effects on the legs of their opponents. To say this material is and was brutal is a major understatement. We’re talking serious carnage here.

I think you’re going to be amazed at how simple the whole Purring approach really is. You can be an inflexible oaf and STILL make purring work for you on the street – absolutely no flexibility is required, and even if your bones creak the moves are so simple you can work them (all because it’s short and snappy movements, all below waist height)!

Believe it or not Dave has actually seen people VOMIT from the
pain that these moves inflict! Seriously!

Think of it as the equivalent to chopping down the support of a tree. The reason Purring works so well is because the average guy will look at your face when thinking of an attack…leaving you free and clear to take out his support, and cause sheer, pants-wetting pain. (This is nothing like you’ve seen before).

And purring is just ONE of the Arts on this Hidden, Lost And Devastating ANCIENT KICKING A RTS DVD!

With this DVD, we also moved onto both Chausson, Savoux – light and heavy footwork approaches to kicking – updated and refined by Dave for the 21 st century street. Note: this isn’t Savatte, which is more sports-orientated and which you may or may not have heard of. No…what we were about on this next segment was the undiluted material for the street.

Here’s what else you’ll learn on this ANCIENT KICKING A RTS DVD.

  • Why you need zero flexibility to pull off these kicks…and why they are more effective than anything else! (Forget getting ‘flexible’. You don’t need to bother being flexible with these ultra-simple yet powerful leg techniques)
  • How and why you should used the‘Groin swings’ of the art of Savoux to provide an immediate takeout – without any kind of hard-core flexibility
  • How kicks based on these arts can be done ‘wrong’…and still be as effective! This puts pay to the idea of needing to kick accurately. You’ll be shown how a martial-arts moron can still get these kicks off for a quick escape
  • How to combine kicks from all three arts – you’ll love this. You’ll treble your power by combining the moves of Purring, Chausson and Savoux…all in one!

As Dave says, using these ancient kicking moves, you’ve taken the opponent out of the equation… with ONE simple move. And, indeed, you have.

By the way, this particular DVD was all demonstrated ‘live’ with Taekwondo wizard Andy Crittenden and the awesome Karl Blackwell.

Warning: this is VERY potent. Do NOT misuse this material…Dave could give you some serious ‘stories’ about the damage that Purring and these ancient kicking art techniques can inflict.

But let’s move on…

Because next comes my personal favourite Hidden, Lost And Devastating DVD – and let me start with one word:


Ever wondered what kind of techniques the VIKINGS had up their sleeve? Well, if you know much about their history…you’ll know they were feared for a REASON. A very good reason!

You’re about to find out what the reason is – with this next ‘Hidden, Lost And Devastating’ (HLD) DVD.

Fact is, Dave told us how the word Viking is really a misnomer. In actuality, we’re talking here about investigating and ‘bringing back’ the techniques of the Danes and Norsemen – commonly known to me and you as…


Chances are you will have NEVER seen information like this anywhere before, from anyone else.

Only here.

And believe me, with all the conquering these guys did…they had some serious combat techniques in their arsenal. The art, in fact, we looked at here is known as STAV – and specifically we looked at the unique division of this regarding using FLEXIBLE weapons – belts (ideal for the street), ropes, chains and such like.

You see, a lot of the Vikings used such ‘weapons’ to subdue opponents, restrain and such like.

If you’ve got a towel, T-shirt, or belt on the street – you’ll love this!

You’ll learn how to have a flexible weapon ‘ready’, yet also be fully able to punch/kick and so on…how to “have ‘im in knots” off the back of a haymaker…techniques to ‘wrap up’ your opponent – and it almost doesn’t matter if you’re oaf-ish and can’t get it ‘off’ since it’s very forgiving…and plenty more!

Best of all, these Viking techniques aren’t difficult or complex to do (we wouldn’t have included them otherwise) – and we’ve made sure Dave modernised them for you, for today’s street.

This is my favourite DVD…and there’s much more I could tell you about it. Just watch it for yourself! I think you’ll like this one.

A note: although this material is totally different from your previous DVD on Ancient Kicking Arts…our goal, remember, is to build it ALL (all the DVDs) into a complete, modern-day system based on these ancient arts . And we believe that this Viking information will help no end with this goal.

Now, let’s move onto the next part of your ‘system’ -

You see, if you’re like me you want to FINISH the fight FAST…

And if that describes you…believe me nuthin’ can help you do that more than REAL BARE-KNUCKLE ‘Back Streets Of England’ PUGILISM FROM YESTERYEAR!

This is the REAL stuff. The real deal…the whole pizza. Forget boxing – ok, don’t forget it, but realise that boxing is really a SPO RT. Totally watered down. Hundred of years ago – in the back streets of England - with bare-knuckled and heavy blows – that was the REAL stuff. And it wasn’t just punching…but also head, elbows and more. This art was designed for PUNISHMENT and certainly wasn’t a sport.

I’m talking about real-world, bare-knuckle, English Pugilism.

What you’ll learn here on this DVD is the same stuff to what was used by the World’s first-ever bare-knuckle champion – the legendary James Figg. Figg was our first champion w-a-a-a-y back in 1719…and was quoted as saying…

“I will fight any man in England!”

Mean guy.

Dave, in fact, knows that Figg was like the BRUCE LEE of his day (but in England) – unbelievably feared, and respected and totally packed-up with secrets for real-world self-defence. Dave will tell you on the DVDs just how good James Figg really was…seriously, he was the Bruce Lee of yesteryear, and just loved bare-knuckle because of its raw street effectiveness.

Allegedly, Figg NEVER lost. Out of hundreds of REAL fights – no pads, no gloves. Believe me: you wouldn’t wanted to have tangled with Figg (who was known as a ‘Master’)…and that’s because he was so powerful using these techniques…

…the same kind of stuff you’ll get on this DVD!

See, if you’re anything like me then you probably realise that the sheer punching ability garnered from boxing makes it super for the streets – BUT, by the same token, some of boxing’s rules and what-not have watered it down.

For example: a simple left-jab is no good for the street, where we want to destroy our opponent ASAP! These kind of ‘power-destruction’ moves are exactly what we’re after, and what you’ll get here. Here’s what else you’ll learn too:

  • The difference between pugilistic jabs and ‘for sport’ jabs. One is nearly useless for the street. The other excellent in certain scenarios. You’ll see demonstrations on focus mitts to cement this.
  • Little-known three man drills for total realism. I doubt you’ve seen any of these pugilistic routines!
  • How to do pugilism-style hooks, jabs and crosses – which will cause much greater problems than traditional boxing punches.
  • Four BANNED techniques – uppercuts, palm strikes and more. You’d never be allowed to use these in a boxing ring (and no they don’t involve ‘ear-chewing’!)
  • How to do ‘street body shots’. People say body shots don’t work on the street. WRONG. ‘Bad’ body shots don’t work…good ones are POTENT (best soft areas revealed by Dave)
  • Sneaky tactics to get a guy to drop his head and expose his jaw – making him an ideal setup to polish off with a devastating cross
  • The MOST COMMON Pugilist’s punch that finished the fight. This sneaky punch was the most common fight-ender they had at their disposal…yet I bet you don’t know what it is! How to also double the knockout potential of this to turn it into a REAL fight-finisher
  • How to use pugilist-style CLUB punches to take out the weapons of your attacker – his arms and hands
  • Vicious pugilist knock-out combination of punches (a flurry that will leave your attacker totally dazed)….the use of club forearms…using a Devon man’s ‘Paddle’ to get round the back of an attacker…tieing the guy up ready for a face-pounding…
  • PROPER applications of rabbit punches – you know this has been banned in boxing (with good reason), and that should tell you its power for the street. This is extremely powerful.

Oh, and this DVD also includes a magnificent freestyle session that reveals all this (Dave described it as showing us the ingredients first, and then putting it together and actually baking the cake). This finisher will really cement your bare-knuckle, pugilist education!

OK, this ‘HLD’ Old English Pugilism is GREAT – BUT…

You know, of course, how important grappling is on the street…since MOST fights that don’t end in seconds, simply end up on the floor. That’s why your clinch and grappling work is SO important.

And it’s why you’ll love this next ‘HLD’ DVD…

The old English area of Cumberland introduced the World to some phenomenal grappling techniques – stuff that’s lost along the way, but is STILL amazingly applicable to today’s street scenarios. Best of all: back in the day, you’d get 10-stone guys going up against thick, heavily-muscled 20-stoners…and that means these moves are applicable regardless of SIZE!

Cumberland is mechanical and scientific…and is used against the size of your opponent. That’s the key here. Forget about a big guy ‘out-muscling’ you – with this lost and hidden stuff from yesteryear, you’ll be using his bodyweight against him (yes, you hear that a lot – but here you WILL be able to apply it here) to put him in painful knots.

That’s the beauty of these ‘lost’ arts …no more watered-down material that’s based on SPO RT. Just real hardcore secrets.

Here’s what else you’ll learn, get out of and be able to use after watching these DVDs:

  • How to use buttock and cross-buttock movements to down any opponent – wrapping him up like a piece of string and dumping him into the concrete with ease
  • How to do Cornish and North Country wrestling ‘chips’ – HUGELY valuable on the street – since attackers often forget their legs. Dave will run through several quick and simple leg throws anyone can use on the street, based on this lost art
  • A simple ‘tilt’ motion based on Lancashire regional techniques that will assist you in throwing a big, beefy guy if you get in a clinch situation
  • Catch-hold wrestling techniques – elbow scoops segueing into face locks (Dave knows a bouncer in Nottingham who has consistently and successfully used this in the REAL-WORLD)
  • How to use ‘Grovitt’ locks…tremendously powerful locks that need barely an ounce of effort to cause excruciating pain (you can do anything with a guy in this position!)
  • How to really do chaining – a little-known guide to how Lancashire wrestlers of yesteryear combined their best moves for ultimate effect
  • A move that Dave has never seen ANYONE ‘take’ for more than 2 seconds…even the legendary Karl Blackwell (Dave’s top student) taps to this! You’ll see the full technique. I know you’ll like this one!

Remarkably, there’s even more for this particular DVD…

See, we also moved onto groundwork applications (as well as standing applications) of these powerful Regional Techniques. Brutal hold-downs…brutal methods for breaking free from ‘impossible-to-escape’ mounts…escapes from ‘hold down’ strangles…escapes when (commonly) an opponent is ‘raining down’ punches on the street…

Probably my favourite section here was when Dave highlighted how to use these regional principles when YOU are ground, yet your attacker is STILL STANDING.

Seriously, by the time you’re finished with this DVD, you’ll be in doubt about how to takedown…then finish the fight.

Were we finished with this DVD? NO!

Remarkably, there’s STILL more!…

Because Dave took us ‘back in time’ once again – this time to the Inns of Medieval England – to look at the art of stool and chair fighting!

For example MOST people simply pick up a chair and will try to hit someone in a threatening situation.


This DVD will give you insight that not one in a THOUSAND martial artists know anything about – the RIGHT way to handle yourself with chairs, stools and such like in self-defence scenarios – at football matches, in nightclubs…in the pub – wherever (you’ll see for yourself why the stool was so popular in the Medieval household as a self-defence tool.)

Here’s a quick taster of what’s on this DVD:

  • The correct way to hold folding and non-folding chair; few people know this, although they think they do (excellent against knife defences in a bar, for example).
  • Why extending the chair out from your body is the worst thing you can do – yet most people do this first to keep the attacker ‘at a distance’!
  • Correct ways of defending with folding, non-folding and stool-style chairs (three different types)
  • Using chairs as powerfully-effective ‘shields’ when in pub knife attacks – rotating them for complete protection. Your attacker will rapidly see how the tables have turned. He’ll be sorry!
  • What to do with a chair when you’re sat on it! For example: in a restaurant, in a bar.

And let me say that no Set like this would be complete WITHOUT…

…without a section on real-world weapon self-defence.

And that brings me to the next HLD DVD. Don’t get me wrong here, or misunderstand. You can never ‘use’ a weapon on the street. You should never do this – but in the correct self-defence situation, it can be used if the situation allows for it. So…any REAL self-defence training contains weapons-based training...and this next DVD gives you this real-world training..

We split it into two parts.

Firstly: you’ll LOVE this section on the Cudgel – the choice of the equivalent to the RIOT POLICE of yesteryear!

This is a short and heavy stick…and you may know the name yourself. It was essentially a punishment weapon from yesteryear…and is often known as the ‘father of all weapons’. It’s very useful, but unfortunately FEW people really know how to use it. The cudgel use is different than other weapon systems…where there’s more of a ‘flicking’ effect.

Here’s a quickie sample:

  • The THREE best and favourite places that yesteryear users of the cudgel used – and how to use the cudgel on impact equipment pads/bags – for best training
  • Where they used to hit to provide instant knockouts ‘on the press gangs’ – with no lasting damage.
  • Cudgel defences against daggers (typical in the ports of yesteryear, 300 years ago or so) – perfectly applied and modernised to today’s street attacks! (you’ll be ‘fencing’ his arm away like a trainer Olympic fencer with this methodology)

But Dave didn’t stop there either…for the next part of this weapons self-defence DVD, Dave then moved onto the use of the single stick ( James Figg again used this very powerfully) – perfect for defences with snooker cues and such like! (this kind of weapon was often used like a sword in years past).

Fact is, this is a different kettle of fish than the use of the cudgel – and requires a different kind of training, a training you’re going to get throughout the second part of this DVD. Seriously, you’ll learn how to use your free hand as a parrying tool – like swordsmen of yesteryear…the simple but powerful ‘back-hand chop’…you’ll learn how to use the ‘thrust and return’ mechanism to instantly disable street attackers…and you’ll learn all the ‘inside secrets’ of using the secrets of old-style sword-fencing updated for the modern-day street.

You’ll have the means (based on these medieval techniques) to
use BOTH short and long sticks for the street!

But, remarkably, there’s still more…

Yep, there’s YET ANOTHER DVD here for you! See, information is great. But information with application is what you’re really after. Right? Well, that’s why we are rounding this Set up with something we’re calling…

From Medieval To The Modern Mid-Town

Here was our foundational thinking here: see, if you’re stuck in the corner of a castle…well, it’s the same as being stuck in the corner of a nightclub or some such like. So we wanted to ‘transfer’ real-world applications of yesteryear…to today.

That’s why this applications DVD will be so useful to you. It really finishes your Set…it’s like the proverbial cherry on top. The icing on the cake.

So we looked at restricted scenarios based on these techniques – such as against walls, in doorways – everything from using your door as a defensive weapon, to using plastic tables…to using stairs and different levels to your advantage (you will have almost certainly seen Knights fighting on stairs and such like – same thing here) – turning positional disadvantages into advantages – even carts and coach based defence…applied to modern-day cars!

This final DVD will FINISH OFF your package totally!

So let’s round this up:

In total, you’ll be getting SEVEN ‘serious-as-onions’ DVDs…your Ancient Kicking Arts DVD…your Viking Arts DVDyour real English bare-knuckle PUGILISM DVDyour Cumberland Grappling Secrets DVD…your Old-English Inn-Fighting DVD…your Cudgel And Short-Stick training DVD…and, of course, your From Medieval To Modern Mid-Town DVD to round things up…

Fact is, in the times of yesteryear there was in fact as much if not MORE violence than today! You couldn’t phone the police then, either. And EVERYTHING back then HAD to be super-powerful, no fuss – just devastation. That’s why we were so keen on this.

And that’s what you’re going to be learning throughout this serious training Set.


By the time you’re done – with all SEVEN of these ‘blow the doors off this knowledge’ DVDs…I can safely say you’ll know more about real-world protection and ‘how to fight’ than most other martial artists today.

You see, most martial artists (even top ones) have simply never been exposed to this super-powerful, ‘lost’ material. They won’t know about it. And that means they’ll be at an instant disadvantage to someone like you – who DOES know this stuff!

And you can forget about street scum too. If you even THINK that they will be able to ‘stand up’ to you (the NEW you) and this information – once you’ve digested it – think again!

Use this – just USE this – on your common ‘Bexley Heath’ street punk and he can kiss his chance of mugging anyone again go-o-d-b-y-e. He will wet his pants at you and your new skills.

Just TRY some purring techniques on him if he tries to take your wallet. Just try some lost Viking techniques on him if he tries to harass your girl. Just try some bare-knuckle pugilism if he attacks you when you’re out for Sunday lunch.

Try it, punk…and he will realise he’s made a SERIOUS mistake by picking on you.

Of course – notice something in all the previous scenarios…

And that’s this: these are all SELF-DEFENCE SITUATIONS.

And ultimately, that’s what this material is about…self-defence.

I must stress this. You must agree to use it ONLY in self-defence when you purchase this Set…and, you must be over 18. No exceptions to this. Do NOT order if you’re not ‘wholesome’. You won’t be welcome here. This is too powerful to edge out in any other way.

So, sign the disclaimer on the enclosed form if you want a shot at this. No exceptions. And a warning: this is for self-defence ONLY.

Again…this is for SELF-DEFENCE ONLY!

Right, ok – now let me tell you what to do next to apply for this Set.

Simply skip over to the enclosed ‘NO RISK’ acceptance form…and check everything out. See what you’re getting again, check out the guarantee (more on that in a moment)…and then get back to us QUICK. We know this Set will be ‘hot’, so don’t mess around.

Your total package price – is just £195 ($325)  £97 ($147)…and that’s for everything – the BIG DVD package, and we pay the VAT and the postage on that – so there’s nothing more to pay. And, I hope I don’t have to remind you that just a ‘quickie’ course can cost that much nowadays…and you’d be getting nowhere near the information you’ll be getting on these PACKED DVDs. Nor would you be able to watch and learn from your couch, and replay this information as much as you like, as you can with this package today.

And…and…of course, everything is fully-guaranteed to you.

Here are the full details…

We don’t want anyone to be the slightest bit dissatisfied with this Set (as if!) – and that’s why the guarantee is here. Of course, we don’t really expect anyone to want to take us up on this guarantee…but it’s there for your safety in any case.

So get the complete all-new, ‘Hidden, Lost And Devastating’ Series. See what you think. See just how good this information is! See for yourself. And then decide. If you don’t like the DVDs…don’t want to keep them – for whatever reason – just let us know. Return the package, and we’ll cut you a full refund.

The bottom-line is that you’ve got THREE FULL MONTHS to try this Set for yourself!

Only then do you need to make a firm decision. Isn’t that totally fair?

Seriously, after just a few sittings, you’ll have digested and ‘infused’ these skills into your body and mind…and be ready to roll with them. You’ll have an astonishing NEW Set of tools at your disposal. And you’ll know more than some ‘Masters’ out there (who don’t know this stuff) – and be better equipped than most anyone else who isn’t privileged enough to be receiving this invitation today.

So here’s what you need to do right now!

Get your details filled out on the enclosed form. Post everything back to us. If you want to phone us, that’s fine – you can call us 24 hours a day on 0161-613-0469 to order at any time, any day of the week.

We’ll look out for your order. And believe me: once you get this all-new material in your hands, you’ll be foaming at the mouth regarding the potential. You’ll know there’s a new, more powerful Set of skills now open to you…skills you can pick up and use with just a few sittings – with Dave (the UK’s highest-ranked instructor!) tutoring, cajoling and mentoring you, right there in your living room!

You can’t get better than that – and this .

ORDER TODAY! You’re going to love this hidden and lost material, modernised and brought back to life by the UK’s #1 – Dave Turton.

Best Regards,
Ian Goehler ,

New Approach Publishing Ltd.

P.S. I’ve enclosed some comments about Dave and what other people say about him. Chances are, you know about Dave already but this is a ‘quickie’ reminder. Thanks.