The Most ‘Dangerous’ Information We’ve Ever Published!

"REAL Dim Mak 'Death Touch' Secrets That Chinese Masters Don't Want You To See – Finally Revealed!"

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Dear Customer,

This could be the most important and the most ‘dangerous’ letter I’ve ever sat down to write to you.

Quite frankly, it concerns the stuff of art so powerful that you only hear it ‘whispered’ around martial arts art that has – as remarkable as it sounds – even been known to even kill people.

So if, like me, you’ve ever wondered whether ‘Dim Mak’ is real or not - whether the fabled ‘Death Touch’ is real or not - and if you ever wondered if YOU could use it in your own life, then this is one letter you need to read very closely.


My name is Ian G, and you know me as ‘Head Researcher’ here at NAP..


Here at NAP, you know, I’m sure, that for the last six years or so, we’ve published some of the most shocking information in the self-defense market. You’ve probably seen or heard of some of these Sets yourself…from No-Touch Knockout Secrets to some of the most powerful pressure points secrets on the face of the sets on joint-breaking and using weapons effectively for street self-defense.

But one thing has always intrigued us here at NAP…

Perhaps it’s ‘intrigued’ you as well?

That ‘one thing’ that has been something of a ‘fantasy’ – but something which we have always considered a little, well, ‘over the top’…maybe even fake...

I’m talking about DIM-MAK...the fabled art of the ‘death touch’

After all...this is the ‘biggie’...quite possibly ‘the one’ martial arts system that stands alone as possibly the ‘ultimate system’ where the practitioners claim to be able to maim and even kill with ONE touch.

But what’s the truth?

We’ve always been sceptical of Dim-Mak and if it really worked. We’ve seen pressure points, instant knockouts, bone-breaking, nerve fighting and other arts...but KILLING AND MAIMING with ONE strike?

It all sounds a little ‘OTT’ to us.

But if you’re anything like me, you have seen the movies. And heard the rumours.

That’s why, recently, we set out on a journey of discovery to see how real Dim-Mak really is...and whether YOU can use it as a customer of ours.

A little background on ‘DIM MAK’:

Just in case you don’t know much about ‘Dim-Mak’: Dim-Mak originated thousands of years ago. It’s all based around reverse-engineered acupuncture…and was developed in the mountains of China and practiced on prisoners. (So they could have ‘fun’ with them...without fear of repercussions).

From there, various Chinese masters practiced and refined these skills over thousands of years.

But far from being completely mystical, what many people don’t realise is that Dim-Mak actually has a scientific basis. You see, by striking the correct points (as Dim-Mak does), you can severely affect the autonomic nervous system.

It’s this ‘system’ that controls your body’s functions like blood pressure, heart rate, and so on.

All CRITICAL functions that keep you alive.

It’s when these are negatively affected by ‘Dim Mak’ that the real CARNAGE ensues.

Let’s take one very quick and simple example to show you how real this really is...

You see, if you were to compress a certain artery in your opponent’s neck...his blood pressure will rise as a result (that’s just fact). And as a result, the heart slows down to compensate (automatically) for the rise in blood pressure.

See how this works?

You’ve affected someone’s heart rate by applying force to a neck artery. And this is just a very simple example of how striking and hitting certain points can radically affect someone’s bodily functions, and even cause them to get in ‘serious trouble’.

Once you realise that Dim-Mak has its basis in science...then you realise this isn’t just some ‘mumbo jumbo’ fantasy.

Rather – even if you’re new to this, but are prepared to learn the ‘inside secrets’, this is something you can give you...

... INCREDIBLE power over any attacker.


And yes – I’m talking about maiming and disabling with just one correctly placed strike – based on these ‘Dim Mak’ ‘Death Touch’ principles.

Heck, we even studied what Trauma Surgeons had to say about Dim-Mak. Turns out that they KNOW that hitting certain points on the body at certain times can radically effect how the body functions...leading to, well, ‘bad things’.


Mike Edwards


Above – Mike Edwards, Trauma Surgeon, discusses Dim-Mak and even ‘assasination points’ used by ancient Dim-Mak Masters to ‘take out’ opponents!

Hopefully you can see where I’m going here...

You see, it’s only relatively recently that modern science has begun to catch up with the real story of how effective Dim-Mak can be - IF you know the REAL SECRETS.

(I’m talking about the ‘real secrets’ from the actual Chinese Masters though – you must get the ‘real’ stuff here!).

Once you really know REAL and TRUE Dim-Mak...then it’s not only possible to drop a guy in one second...but it’s even possible to make sure he doesn’t get back up.

As I have hinted at...Dim-Mak...when ‘done right’...can be the most powerful combat system in the World!

But here’s the DOWNSIDE to all this ‘Dim-Mak’ stuff too...

The HUGE problem with ‘Dim-Mak’ today is that the only people out there teaching it fall into TWO camps (and that’s if you can find anyone at all!)...

  1. They are ‘teachers’ who have NEVER learnt the REAL secrets fresh from Shoalin masters, deep in the mountains of China

  2. They are teaching ‘watered down’ Dim-Mak that’s not anywhere near as effective as the ‘real thing’

Fact is, even within the realm of Chinese Martial Arts, the deeper techniques and SECRETS of Dim Mak were not shared with all with ‘outsiders’ like us.

Now I don’t know about you...but when I set out to learn ‘stuff’ like this, I only want the best information, and I want the really juicy, hard-core ‘forbidden’ stuff that no-one else knows – much less teaches!

Fortunately...that’s exactly why I’m writing to you today!

You know Steven Burton, right?

Steven was and is the guy that has trained with Chinese Masters...right in the heart of the Chinese Mountains. We published his Iron Fist Secrets last great acclaim.

And we knew something about Steven. We knew that, simply put, Steven Burton was possibly the ONLY guy we have ever met who would be able to HAND us - and reveal to us - the REAL ‘Dim Mak’ secrets of the Chinese Masters. Why?


Steven Burton


Steven in China...

Because Steven has gone to great lengths to really get on the ‘inside’ of what these Chinese Masters do (and how they do what they do). And the ‘prize’ he always had his eye on was simple…


Because as good as Steven’s general Chinese martial arts training was and is, there was something that was ‘bugging’ him.

He wanted the really ‘juicy’ stuff…and he’d heard ‘Dim Mak’ was IT!

You see, like most of us, Steven had heard that Dim-Mak was ‘the ****’…that you could use it to drop an opponent and completely disable them with one finger and one point…and, like most of us, he’d even heard it could be FATAL in certain circumstances.

Steven in the heart of China with ‘The Masters’...


It was a LONG journey…

  Took years. Steven studied with Master Liming Yue from the Shaolin Temple…and Master  Grandmaster Kong Jie Gou,  right in the heart of the mountains of Zhang Jia Jie....and many more of the original (and frankly amazing) ‘Chinese Masters’ in the mountains

And after trekking up mountains, meeting with Shaolin masters, and learning from every ‘Chinese master’ Steven could actually get hold of and meet in the heart of China…

Steven finally found ‘it’.


And I’m talking about EVERYTHING here.

Disabling with one finger. Even the exact times to hit…so you could cause ultimate organ failure in your opponent. I’m talking about very, very dangerous material here – even the darker stuff on causing your opponent to drop down three days later...and never get back up!


Well, after much ‘arm-twisting’ and negotiations...we’ve finally convinced Steven to come forward and reveal EVERYTHING he learned from these Chinese Masters about Forbidden Dim-Mak...the really juicy stuff that the Chinese Assassins used against their enemies...and that, quite frankly, Chinese Masters don’t want people like us to see!

And let me say right now...

That I’ve seen it myself with my own eyes, and I can tell you now...

YOU don’t need to be big or muscular to use this stuff. As Steven will gladly tell you…his own Chinese masters are tiny. You’ve probably seen 15 year old boys that are twice the size of these guys. Yet they can cause you unheard of pain…within a split-second.

Nor do you need to be fit…or have ‘done anything like this before’. You can learn it from scratch (Steven will show you from ‘A-Z’ and ‘step-by-step’, so you will be able to learn everything from scratch).

In short, learning and being able to use Dim-Mak...

  • Is NOT about how strong or big you are...
  • Is NOT about how young you are, or how fit you are…
  • Is NOT about how skilled or experienced you are – you can learn this from scratch!

And that’s why I’m writing to you today...

See, Dim Mak is an actual complete combat system in and of itself....yet NOWHERE have we ever seen anyone reveal the secrets to this stuff and turn it into a true ‘system’, fresh from learning it directly from Shaolin Chinese Masters (right in the Chinese mountains!).

That’s why we’ve put this together for you here today. See, our goal was simple: to create the most complete training course in Dim-Mak EVER...chock full of everything you need to know...especially the FORBIDDEN stuff. And to get it from the Chinese Masters themselves...even if they don’t want you to see it!

It doesn’t matter what you’ve trained in before. YOU can pick up and use what’s possibly the ‘big one’...the ultimate combat system from the Chinese Masters that can drop and disable -with just one correctly placed strike!

So let me tell you exactly what ‘went down’...

But before we go any further – a VERY important point!

What you’re about to learn here is for self-defense ONLY. What you need to understand: this is extreme self-defense, and as such, it should only be used when absolutely required. There’s no way we condone or recommend using this under ANY other circumstances.

The reason is simple: these points and secrets are meant for disabling and completely immobilising your attacker, no matter how big and ‘street-tough’ they are.

In fact, I suggest you stop reading right now if you have any ‘negative’ views or intentions with respect to material like this.

Still with me? Good.

The let me tell you ‘what went down’ here and what we’ve reserved for you...

It all started with us hiring our favoured Gym, under strict precautions of ‘hush-hush’ privacy. We didn’t want anyone knowing what we were doing for obvious reasons.

What followed was a shocking display by Steven, as he systematically revealed the knowledge he’d ‘acquired’ from these Chinese Masters of Dim-Mak, fresh from the Chinese mountains.

Steven’s goal was and is simple: he wants to turn YOU into a ‘Dim-Mak’ master, with the power and ‘control’ that only the real Chinese Masters possess.

To this end, we’ve put together not only a DVD ‘training Set’, but also a pile of additional materials that will now give you this know-how and these secrets.

But firstly...

...let me tell you what happened at the film shoot.

Steven started by ‘Setting The Scene’ with these Dim-Mak secrets…so you will learn how to cultivate the required energy to conjure up power that you can unleash on anyone foolish enough to stand in your way. You’ll learn...

  • How to get maximum penetration into the Dim-Mak ‘target’ – exactly what to do so you cause the most damage with minimum effort
  • How to use a bundle of cheap chopsticks to train in Dim-Mak
  • Three simple exercises you can do from home that will enable you to ‘power up’ your energy, enabling you to then ‘unleash’ it on anyone silly (or drunk) enough to stand in your way
  • THE correct stance to use to ‘get off’ these Dim-Mak moves with maximum effect
  • Why and how INTENTION is so critical to getting results…and how to create powerful ‘intention’ of your own for maximum devastation

This is like building the foundations of a building…you need this stuff to learn what you’ll discover later – or else it will all be in vain.

And this is all PRACTICALLY  illustrated by the way, so you’ll have no doubts about how to copy this for yourself. And it’s SIMPLE too…anyone can copy what Steven will show you here.

Within this foundational DVD, you’ll also learn…

  • A run-down of the striking techniques used in Dim-Mak (there are different ‘ways’ of striking to ensure a correct ‘hit’ on dim-mak points) – Steven runs through all of the best ones for you. (Fists do NOT work with Dim-Mak)
  • Specific, versatile, focused striking techniques that Dim-Mak Chinese masters use to hit points. Use with caution.
  • How to use ‘Shaking Energy’ like Dim-Mak Chinese Masters to harness the ‘over-the-top’ power of Dim-Mak, ensuring you go from rookie to someone who can cause massive damage to any opponent
  • How to FOCUS your energy on an extremely small point…this is the ‘secret’ to Dim-Mak and will cause untold damage to your attacker

You’ll also learn the secret of the iron needle…Steven’s favourite striking techniques (learnt from the Shaolin Chinese Masters)…and more…

Moving on…

‘making the body go wrong’

Up next on DVD 2, Steven revealed the Shaolin concepts, principles and ‘secrets’ that actually make Dim-Mak work. I’m talking about things like Yin and Yang, using ‘opposites’ effectively, meridians and using the disruptive cycle…how to affect Chi and make sure it ‘travels’ throughout the body…the ’12 times’ principle that means you can strike someone…and they only collapse a few days later.

(Once you harness this ’12 times’ principle, you can strike someone – as long as you know how – and they won’t feel the effects until days later. And then….the results will be devastating!).

Once you’re grounded in the fundamentals, we then got onto the really juicy stuff that I (personally) couldn’t wait to see.

You see, we looked at Steven’s…

...Most Secret And Dangerous Dim-Mak Points....

These are the best 12 points that the Chinese Dim-Mak Masters don’t want you to have! Fresh from the mountains, these are what Steven couldn’t wait to see himself. His mouth dropped with awe and shock and delight when he first ‘discovered’ these points from the Chinese Masters.

And what’s more, Steven is going to show you exactly how to best use them for maximum devastation and effect.

WARNING: Do NOT share these with anyone, and only use them under the strictest of safety conditions!

You’ll learn…

  • How to throw the heart out of sync using a certain point with the lion head strike = extremely dangerous material that is not to be shared with anyone. Use with extreme caution and NOT in training.
  • How to ‘hook’ a certain point to make your opponent nauseous – yes, he will literally feel sick after this one
  • A point that affects the person’s entire intestinal and digestive system – it will cause severe pain when struck then major problems afterward (when you effect the digestive system, all sorts of problems can ensue)
  • A two-finger move that creates a ‘horrible feeling’, making your opponents legs collapse from under him…yes, using just two fingers...
  • A point that, when struck correctly, will cause parts of a bone to ‘float’ off around the body…causing unheard of destruction and pain. This one is particularly nasty. Only for use in extreme circumstances.
  • A huge point that affects the legs. When you strike this, it will also break the ankle as well as affecting the whole body – all at the same time. Use this correctly and your opponent will pass out – the pain is THAT over-whelming.
  • The Dim-Mak ‘brain switch off’ point – using this is like hitting on ‘OFF’ switch on your opponent’s brain! Use it with the strikes Steven will show you and watch out – you can make a man crumble and lock him out with ease as his brain switches down. Really quite horrible.

By the way, Steven gives exact points here – a paint-by-the-numbers approach so you can’t help but ‘get this’ and start immediately implementing these Dim Mak secrets for yourself.

But there was still more.

Steven added another DVD with a further 12 of these secret and dangerous Dim-Mak points...and how to use them to best effect. So in total, you’ll learn the 24 Most Secret And Dangerous Dim-Mak Striking Points that the Chinese Masters don’t want you to see!

You’ll also learn...

  • A point that causes disruption throughout the whole body. This is like a bomb going off in your internal organs. It actually targets the heart too. Very nasty.
  • A super-easy target that can also be used in headlocks (yet no-one knows or thinks about doing this). Use this in any headlock environment and watch your attacker collapse.
  • A ‘vessel’ point which can cause neurological symptoms if struck. It’s a ‘horrific’ pain as Steven states himself. By the way Steven has also used this on the ‘front-lines’.
  • A point which is the human energy centre – hitting this will drain the energy right out of him and may even cause unwanted bladder movements.
  • Blood pressure lowering point – causing knockout. Use this point in conjunction with a claw and pinch and you will get ultimate control over your attacker.
  • A very dangerous point that can cause sinus rupturing...even though it’s NOT on the nose!

These points won’t just cause excruciating pain – they will cause PROBLEMS too. They are sneaky, dangerous and downright dirty, causing agony and potentially severe medical problems - in some cases only DAYS later!

ALL of these techniques are direct and ‘to the point’ by the way…and once you know ‘how’ they are quite simple. In short, they can be performed by anyone. The monks that use these techniques are small. Half the size of most people! And yet they are able to generate incredible power and strength. How? This DVD will reveal how – and how you can do it too.

Once you know these’ll be a walking ‘MASTER’ yourself...with the power of someone who is seen as some sort of ‘magician’ and ‘scary person’!

By the way, let me be clear here...this isn’t about just striking a pressure point or even a nerve point…it’s about striking a point to cause internal organ disruption and damage. It’s a negative effect on the entire body…NOT just pain, but actually disruption to the entire body.

This affects the internal organs, and – quite frankly – can cause serious, serious damage.

This is WHY Dim-Mak is so powerful…

It’s not just about pressure points…it’s much more powerful. Because – as far as I know it’s the ONLY martial art that does this -  it affects the internal aspects of the person as well.

OH – and one other thing...

For possibly the first time ever for a DVD set like this, we used CGI imagery throughout.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing. The teaching power this commands is phenomenal because, for the first time ever, you get a computer generated image of the dim-mak point itself, and how to use it (like something from the movies).

For you – this means one thing: you can learn it much more quickly and clearly, leaving no doubts in your mind about how exactly to use these points.

OK, moving on...

Up next Steven taught us, that as good as these Dim-Mak points are, they need to be applied to the street.

So the next DVD was titled...

Applied Street Dim-Mak

On this DVD, you’ll learn how to take the knowledge you’ve acquired on the previous DVDs, and then actually be able to go out and use it on the street as a real ‘Combat System’. So you’ll know exactly what to do, and when. No doubts. Just ‘handed to you’ knowledge about exactly how to use these points in a variety of wide-ranging street situations.

You’ll discover...

  • How a simple slap from a grab can cause an knockout (and NOT from hitting the face or head)
  • How to defend from a punch and cause the body to effectively ‘reset’ itself, causing your attacker to crumble like the proverbial cookie.
  • How to TEAR muscles using a simple Dim-Mak manoeuvre that Steven will show you (I’d keep this one to yourself, and don’t use it when training with ‘friends’)
  • Simple point that ‘releases’ a neck…allowing you to quickly knockout, fell or otherwise ‘damage’ your attacker
  • A virtually ‘unknown’ Dim-Mak SECRET involving the eyes that will enable you to easily manipulate and play with your attacker. Very few people are aware of this, and it gives you a serious ‘unfair advantage’ on the street.

Not bad, right?

But that’s only the half of it.

You see, we still wanted more.

Yes, we were all salivating at the mouth as what Steven was showing us.

But he saved the best until last.

You see, the final two DVDs…we did something we’ve never done before, and don’t plan on doing any time soon again...

In short, we quietly asked Steven to do something he wouldn’t usually do. In short, we wanted to get the real ‘forbidden’ stuff from Steven…not just ‘Dim Mak’…but what we call…


The kind of material not seen outside the ‘inner circle’ of the Shaolin temples. The really powerful and forbidden stuff that is, quite frankly, very, very dangerous.

This MUST be treated with respect…because these are NOT the kind of techniques you can just ‘use on your mates’. These are the techniques that simply are meant for extreme damage to your opponent. And so they must be treated with the utmost care and respect.

These are the secrets that have been passed down for generations from Wu-Dong mountain...and that few people will ever get to see.

 (By the way, we have wrapped these extra 2 DVDs in cellophane...and they come under plain cover...such is their ‘forbidden’ nature). You’ll learn...

  • How to shut down an organ, so a person will need treatment to survive
  • If you get attacked at night, you can use this secret – causing catastrophic  deterioration in your opponent’s liver (and unfortunately for your opponent, there’s little they can do about it when the train is ‘set in motion’)
  • How to affect the three 'heating' systems of the body at the right time - causing your opponent to be killed off within hours. This causes MASSIVE body disruption. A famous king fu master uses this - and you can do it ALL with a SIMPLE STRIKE (once you know 'the secret')
  • A LUNG point that can actually cause the lung to collapse. You can guess the effects of this for yourself.
  • A stomach point that can cause instant unconsciousness…and also delayed (and even worse) effects in the long-term
  • A simple PALM point that must be struck at a set time to cause maximum damage. This actually affects the heart.
  • A navel point that must be hit at a certain time that will affect the digestive system, causing let’s just say ‘ill’ effects at a later date (Steven will explain in full on this ‘forbidden’ DVD)

And there was even more...

Steven then covered some no-recovery points.

Inject the right amount of negative Chi here...and that's it. The job is done. Over.


And out.

I'm talking about NO return here.

As you can understand therefore...this is all about respecting these points. Because quite seriously, they are so flat-out dangerous, that you must NOT take this lightly. We are talking about real Dim-Mak points here that can literally ensure your opponent never gets back up. You’ll learn:

-  How to sever the link between head and body...there are no two ways about this...DO NOT HIT THIS POINT AT THE WRONG TIME!

- How to use the six 'extraordinary vessels' to shock and disrupt the completely throw in out of balance. The result: the body just 'gives up'

How to use a certain point to send a SHOCKWAVE through the entire nervous system. This can actually cause systematic shutdown of ALL bodily organs.

- A 'delayed action point' that will make someone become very ill - effectively this shuts down the 'food supply' of the body. There is very little chance of recovery with this one.

-  A point to NEVER hit. instant Death point alert!

I won’t say any more here. Yes, there are other points you’ll learn as well. And when you combine them as Steven will show you, you can bet that your attacker will think twice about ever attacking anyone again. In fact, about the only thing he will be ‘attacking’ after this is a plate of hospital food.

And no, I don’t feel comfortable sharing ALL of what Steven covered in these extra 2 ‘Forbidden Dim Mak’ DVDs in a letter like this (even if it is to you, a good customer of ours).

Safe enough to say though, that by the time you’re done with this complete set of 7 DVDs...

You’ll have everything you need to replicate the power of a Chinese Dim-Mak Master!

Once you’re done, you’ll know the exact times throughout the day to hit a point to cause what are quite frankly, terrible results. You’ll know all the best times and points…the real ‘forbidden’ dim-mak secrets that few people on the planet will ever, ever discover.

YOU will possess the power and knowledge of the foremost, most secretive Chinese Masters – the guys who used this stuff as bona-fide assassins. And you will have in your possession (and at your disposal) the most powerful combat system on the face of the planet.

Seriously, this is an amazing skill to have…knowing you can drop someone when you want…and you can DECIDE the degree of ‘damage’ that you want to lay upon them…as little (or as much) as you’d like.

It’s knowledge that’s been kept back by the Chinese Masters for literally thousands of years – unavailable and FORBIDDEN from people like you and me from ever being able to access it.


Remember that this is an entire art and SYSTEM in itself.

And that means...

  • It doesn’t matter what you’ve trained in before (if anything) – you can use this as a complete martial in itself, learning from your favourite armchair at home!
  • Even IF you have trained before, you can use this as ‘EXTRA’ – meaning any and ALL martial artists can and SHOULD be using this. We have seen few things as powerful.

By the way, Steven made sure that everything was safe so you can train SAFELY too. Obviously we are dealing with very dangerous information here. So Steven has made sure that you can train safely without worrying about causing adverse effects.

(Needless to say too…you must be very careful when using these techniques in ‘training’. You must realise the power…the sheer power…that these techniques are going to give you. As such, you need absolute control when training them.)

But there’s something else...

You see, the main benefit to me isn’t just possessing this material, and being able to use it to drop people as and when you see fit.

No...the main benefit is simply the power you’ll wield over everybody else. And by ‘everybody else’, I mean the rest of the population. Anyone who isn’t privy to these secrets.

See, YOU will secretly know that you have this ‘power’...and that you can ‘turn it on’ as and when you want to. You’ll be like a magician ready to unleash the force he possesses upon anyone stupid enough to attack you or your loved ones.

It’s the confidence that comes with knowing this – in my mind at least – that is what makes this stuff so worthwhile.

But wait just one moment...

OK, I’ve told you what Steven has created for you here – a tour-de-force ‘everything revealed’ 5-DVD Set...PLUS an extra 2-DVDs on ‘Forbidden Dim-Mak Secrets’ (that’s 7-DVDs in total).

But there’s STILL more...

You may never have heard of Hohan Soken but he is one of the most famous and most respected karate masters of the 20th century – a Grand Master based out of Okinawa, who taught some of the most powerful principles you’ll ever see.

Fortunately, Steven has managed to track,, hunt down and ‘collar’ for you the old pressure point and Dim-Mak secret drawings of Hohan himself...yes, the original Okinawan master’s secret pressure point and Dim-Mak charts that few people will ever be able to access, and that contain the best Dim-Mak ‘Death Touch’ points.

These are probably the most ‘dangerous’ and controversial points you’ll ever found written down anywhere...and they are yours as part of the package here today!

Don’t ask how Steven got this material – but it’s YOURS as part of the package here today.

And there’s still more...

Additionally, you’ll also get a workbook that solidifies the principles on your DVD... which will further your understanding even more still.’ll ALSO get a further two Dim-Mak wall charts!  (sent by mail) These can be used in your training, or to remind you of the information you’ve discovered.

It’s a HUGE package of information as you can see...and the quickest and easiest way we know of turning you into a ‘Dim-Mak’ master in double quick-time.

So here’s exactly what you’re going to get in this package...

The Complete Dim-Mak Secrets Combat Training Set: 5 DVD ‘Dim Mak’ secrets DVD set - £297 Value
The 2 DVD ‘Forbidden Dim Mak’ DVD set- £197 Value (if you could purchase it...which you can’t, so effectively priceless)
The ancient and lost pressure point and Dim-Mak chart from ancient Chinese Shaolin Master Hohan Soken – £97 Value (again if you can purchase anywhere...which you can’t.)
Dim Mak Secrets A4 ring binder work book  - £97 Value  
TWO A3 Dim Mak point wall charts – a £49 Value

One other thing...

Because of the extremely sensitive nature of this information, for the first time ever...we are actually ‘encasing’ all this information in a personal, lockable briefcase.

Yes, you will be able to hold and store it (locked away) in a briefcase, so as to ensure this material is kept secret (also this way, it will get to you under strict privacy so no-one else can see it).

I hope you can understand why we felt this is necessary...

The TOTAL Value of the above (as you can see for yourself) comes out to £834 total...but as a past customer of ours, you won’t pay anything like this ‘real value’...

In fact, you won’t even pay HALF that...actually you will barely pay even a third of that!

Remember that you can’t access this stuff in any other way. And I know it may sound a little ‘Over the Top’ to say this, but I think that it’s actually PRIVILEGE to be able to access this material here today.

Few people walking the planet are EVER going to see this information...

Once you're'll be one of a PRIVILEGED GROUP. You see, few people are ever going to see this stuff. But we know you're 'someone'...a good customer of we have no qualms about you seeing this stuff.

But before I tell you what the ‘investment’ cost is for this package, I want to tell you about...

...the qualification criteria...

Look – not everyone is going to be able to get their hands on this set.

So you will need to meet TWO very important criteria to be in with a shot at this ground-breaking ‘World’s first’ set of information.

The FIRST ‘criteria’ is that you are a good, valued customer. If you have received this invitation today, then that means you’re already pre-qualified.

SECONDLY though: you must be someone who is ONLY going to use this information for ‘good’ – that means, you will only use it to protect yourself and your family and friends (against big, bad ‘bullies) and only then in EXTREME circumstances.

If you mean ‘harm’ with this information, you will not be able to purchase. And so due to the truly SECRET nature of what is being revealed to you here, and the fact that this is some of the most dangerous (and forbidden) information we have ever published, anyone ordering must sign the disclaimer enclosed.

Oh...and one ‘final’ criteria...

There are only 100 Sets being produced – so you must be quick...

But now today, as this invitation has dropped in your you can be one of the lucky few to see this amazing information.

Do YOU qualify?

If you do, then I’d urge you to be quick...

So what’s the ‘investment’ cost today?

Fortunately as a good customer of ours it’s NOT the £834 in ‘true’ worth that this package comes in at...

It’s not half that, or even a third of that. In fact, the pre-publication price was set at £397...but as a good customer, you can now pick up the complete set for just £197 ($297) all in...that’s about a third of its ‘true’ cost!

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Ian G.

New Approach Publishing Ltd.

P.S. As stated throughout, be sure to sign the enclosed disclaimer to be in with a shot at one of these Sets. Thank you.


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